Thursday, January 28, 2010

No business like SNOW business...

Well, it's the end of January and we have a forecast for SNOW this weekend. There was a hilarious article posted in the Richmond Times-Dispatch (online) about the phenomenon that is SNOW in RICHMOND. If you live in Richmond, you will understand this and appreciate it (in all its humor). If you don't live here, this will give you an inkling as to why we are all so crazy when it comes to snow here...everybody have your milk and bread?

The latest forecast seems to be on the lesser side in terms of accumulation and that's just fine by me. We have a full slate of birthday parties this weekend at Romp n' Roll and I'd rather not reschedule them!

Speaking of Romp n' Roll, Roger and I are back in the saddle and couldn't feel better about it. The past two weeks have been great. We have been energized by the kids and feel so supported by our families. Plus, spring registration is rolling so we are excited about that.

Roger's birthday is this weekend and we have a friend from our old college days (Becky!) coming to visit from Chicago so we are excited. Aside from our normal work obligations, we are planning to take in a concert by the Atkinsons at Ashland Coffee and Tea and probably just do some hangin'.

Everyone keeps asking us how we are. I surprise myself every time I say, "I'm ok." but I really am. I have those moments where I miss her (every day) and those moments when I think about her (at least once an hour) but I'm not in a puddle on the floor and I guess that counts for something. Staying busy definitely seems to help, my new exercise routine seems to help (hooray for the Wii!) and working on the FOUNDATION definitely helps but otherwise there is no way that I can truly explain how or why I feel the way I do. It just is...

I can't remember if we've posted this yet, but mark your calendars for the THUMBS UP BALL on Saturday, February 13th from 4-7 PM. This is a family dance for all ages at the Shady Grove Methodist Church in Mechanicsville and will be a great fundraiser for CJSTUF. The Moms Club of Mechanicsville is organizing it. There will be a silent auction, live music by Triad, and a visit from the Dance Fairy! Kids are encouraged to dress in their festive attire! Tickets are $10 and available at any Romp n' Roll location. There is an event link on our FACEBOOK fan page and more details will be posted on the CJSTUF events page soon (we're fixing some link stuff...). You can contact me or Roger if you have further questions. The event hall holds about 1000 people and we would love for this to be a SELL OUT!

Ok, I think I've babbled on enough and need to get back to work. Hope everyone has a good weekend.


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