Thursday, January 14, 2010

We are never allowed to live in a vacuum

Day 7. It's been a week. Feels like a lifetime. The folks in Haiti don't care at the moment. Let's help them out a bit.

I gave blood yesterday simply because it was time and I promised the bloodmobile coordinator I would since I couldn't be there for the Give Back event at Romp n' Roll. Talk about clueless. I knew about the devastation in Haiti but didn't connect it to my blood donation. Now, I'm going to guess that VA Blood Services keeps its blood units in the state but the American Red Cross is a different matter and all the blood donation services are in serious need. I don't know how all that works but it can't hurt to roll up your sleeves and donate blood to whoever will take it. Do it in Charlotte's name if you like. If you go to the VA blood Services office at Insbrook, ask for the lady with the many names (Renee, Erica, a couple others). She got me in and out in 25 minutes!

OR! If a monetary donation is more up your alley, we are more than happy for you to temporarily divert you resources away from CJSTUF and direct them toward Haitian relief.

But be careful! Unfortunately, there are many scammers out there just dying to get their hands on your money.

I'm including links to the donations pages of the American Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders.

It's a real mess down there and they could use the help.

On another front, I've learned that there is a contest at the Ukrop's Monument Ave. 10K for best "Spirit Group." First place gets $300 and there are smaller prizes as well. If you are not planning to run/walk but wanted to come cheer on TEAM CJ, might as well be goofy and make a fool of yourself in an organized format, eh? :-) Reesestrong is doing it too so let's make sure one of us wins first place and the other takes second! Let's keep it all in the family!

The pledge form is in the special events section of the website and if anyone still wants to sign up to run/walk and haven't told me, please do. I'm going to have to get some more registration codes because we've sold out of the original 30!!! YAY!

All pledges can be sent to:

Charlotte Reynolds or CJSTUF
c/o The Reynolds
9 Slash Ct
Ashland, VA 23005

Here's the usual disclaimer: is still waiting on non-profit status (Soon...very soon) so as of this posting, donations are not yet tax deductible.

Aunt Phyllis is here and the New Mexico Contingent comes in today along with Dad and Juanita Bonita. Gonna be a monstrous weekend. Aunt Phyllis tried the Wii last night...I think both she and Rachel came close to busting a gut laughing a time or two. It was very good to hear.

Jay got the live streaming worked out and those of you who can't be here can watch it live on the world wide web. There will be a link on the home page soon.

I can't believe what an event this is becoming and we had very little to do with it. It's the amazing network again combined with the faculty and staff of Randolph-Macon College, Duncan Memorial United Methodist Church, the various mom's and dad's groups of Richmond, etc...mind blowing; simply mind blowing.

The good, healthy food is flowing (Wendy, you just HAD to bring those chocolate chip cookies, didn't you? YUMMY!) and we are feeling the love all over again.

Can't thank everyone enough.


  1. Pat Robertson's and Rush Limbaugh's comments regarding the Haiti relief effort compelled me to donate to the Red Cross this morning.

  2. Wonderful story in the Farmington New Mexico paper.

  3. I have my appointment set for Monday at the Innsbrook Blood Services location. I will be thinking of Miss Charlotte!


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