Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Charlotte made her "Wish"

The last couple of days in the Nelson Clinic have been much smoother. We've been calling in ahead to give them "warning." Dr. Kahn wasn't there today so we didn't get to ask our latest questions but nurse April promised to corner him this afternoon and make sure he addresses them.

Saw Nile and his mother today. He was furiously playing video games in the waiting room. He looked pretty good.

Also saw Reese's Mom. She was back and forth taking loads to the car in hopes of going home. Hope it happens soon.

There were others we passed here and there who we knew or at least knew CJ. Drs., nurses, parents, staff. I actually am starting to really hate the fact that we know so many people there. As I like to say to those we meet, "Not that I don't want to see you but I sure wish it was at Ukrop's or something."

Charlotte is resting comfortably and watching Big, Big, World. I'm starting to notice "the look" creep back in. She's smiling a little less and looking more tired. Fortunately, the nausea and other problems haven't materalized yet. I'm sure they will be by soon. She's still eating so that's good. No poop for a couple days now. Can't be long as the topo-stuff is supposed to make her stool very, very loose.

Can't beat the weather the last couple of days. Tomorrow should be more like normal - Hot, humid, and icky.

Make-a-Wish is coming by soon so we'll be one step closer to that.

Phyllis is upstairs ripping carpet out of the closet. I didn't know there was anything left to do! We've got an electrical project for Grandpa next time he comes up. Our hall light looked like it needed a bulb so we tried to get the cover off to change it. I don't think we had done anything to that fixture in a very long time and it sort of fell apart when we finally got it loose. It's salvagable but I don't do electricity so Dad get's to! :-)

Got to chop a little wood yesterday. Might run out and grab some wood from a neighbour who just cut down a tree.

The business front is looking a bit better. We hit our overall membership goal, which earned the staff an ice cream party, and our Awesome Adventure Party promo is cooking along with great vigor. We've booked a large number of parties as far forward as mid-late 2010! There are some other great things coming up that will amaze and mystify you! :-) Stay tuned.

The Home-Based Business Bazaar is Saturday at St. Anne's Catholic Church from 10am-2pm.


So Charlotte made her official "wish" today. The Make-A-Wish ladies (Toni and Emily) came by to visit. Emily helped us fill out the "grownup" paperwork (releases and such) while Charlotte and Toni chatted it up. She told her that she wanted to go "Where Annette and her kids went". When probed for more clarification, Charlotte said "Minnie-Land" or "The place where the princesses are". AKA: Disney World! It was definitely her wish and her decision. Roger and I are both excited as well. We are tentatively looking at a winter date (Dec/Jan/Feb) to be solidified once radiation is over and we have a better idea of how her treatment plan will play out. We will get to stay at Disney for about a week and we will stay at the Give Kids the World hotel. It is a resort on the Disney property that was started by a man who wanted to make sure that kids with medical needs could have a great Disney vacation. They have a doctor and nurse on staff and (word has it) you can get ice cream sundaes 24/7. My kind of place. I think they also have characters who visit the hotel from time to time. Did I mention I'm excited? We are basically not getting a vacation this year (surprise) so this will be something special to look forward to. Once we have dates, anyone who is in the immediate area (or anyone who wants to travel to join us) is most welcome. I know we have a pretty big Florida fan club.

In other news, our nurse at the clinic called back with the answers we had about her protocol so that was cleared up. She will start a new medication next week (temozolamide) and will only be on the accutane till Sunday. Dr. Khan assured her that he is working on the insurance "stuff" and will update us when he has more news.

Charlotte is playing it pretty low key right now but managing to keep herself busy. She needs to poop but otherwise seems fine. She's gnawing on a HUGE apple as we speak. As Roger mentioned, we are getting ready to be pretty germophobic as her counts will soon plummet so be aware that playdates will be kept to a minimum.

Granny and Gramps will arrive tomorrow (hooray) and we will be on the official countdown to her birthday. Can you believe it's two weeks away?

Remember: two upcoming events for her birthday

1. The Summer Concert Series on July 9th (her actual birthday) in the Chick-Fil-A parking lot. Come out for the concert, donate blood, and bring food for the food bank.
2. Her birthday party at Romp n' Roll, Friday July 10th, 6 PM. All are welcome! We will have cake and some assorted food goodies, we'll put up the moonbounce and let the kids (and grownups) P-L-A-Y. No presents, please. We just want to celebrate HER! OH and the theme will be Tinkerbell. Charlotte wants everyone to wear pink and/or purple to the event so come decked out.

That's all I have to report for now. Some very good news.


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