Monday, June 8, 2009

Yesterday was Another Busy Day

How can a day off be so exhausting? Yesterday was another busy day. We made it to the church picnic which offered wonderful food, fabulous fellowship, and good weather. The afternoon was spent going in different directions. I went with Amy down to Carytown for a little retail therapy and Roger and Charlotte headed up to Wyatt's birthday party. We met up near the end of it all.

Charlotte continues to do her "own thing" when it comes to social situations. She has always been this way (very independent girl that she is) but I think she is even more feeling the need to be independent. She definitely likes people and knows how to socialize but just doesn't always choose to. Sometimes I think the extra attention kind of gets on her nerves.

Anyway, we all came home and pretty much collapsed Sunday night and now it's off for another week. Amy is here for one more day. I am so happy that she was able to come out and see us. She is a dear friend from graduate school and it has been so good to reconnect after not really seeing each other for YEARS.

Gotta go be productive...and get coffee...


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