Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mishy Matchy

Strange request,

I have been deeply touched by one particular Caringbridge story of a boy named Zachary White. He passed away this week and the story of how his community is pulling together to support the family is as inspiring (if not more so) as ours.

The visitation is tomorrow, Sunday, and in the latest post (If I wasn't posting as therapy myself, I would have absolutely no idea how they can be doing it), they talked about how Zach got angry when they tried to explain why his clothes needed to match. I think the term he used was "mishy matchy." They suggested to friends and family that Zach would get a kick out of it if people wore mis-matching clothes to the viewing.

It seems like kind of a cool thing to do so I plan to do it tomorrow. I was hoping some of you might join me. I'll be taking pics to post.

You could read their story directly if you like. I'm sure they are completely overwhelmed right now so maybe just a quick blurb on their CB site would be sufficient.

One thing with which I'm struggling is the desire to support others during what is an intensly personal and private time. I know I would want people to kind of leave me alone and at the same time it feels so good to type things out and know there are so many people out there supporting us that I get conflicted. I think contacting the Whites or whoever should be low key and the mere fact that there are so many hits on the page and there is so much positive energy floating around really helps those of us dealing with the things we've had to go through.

That being said, I'm at least wearing two different kinds of shoes tomorrow for Zach so I can be un-"mishy matchy!"

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