Monday, June 15, 2009

Great Richmond Dad and Other Good Stuff

What an awsome day! First off, my Uncle Jerry and Aunt Jeanne came by the store looking to take us out to lunch. Lunch is always good. They came by at the exact right time because I was at home and had just finished doing a bunch of stuff that needed to get done so I was available.

So I packed up Charlotte headed down. We went to Casa Grande (mmmm.....) and lunch was very good. Rachel had to leave early to teach but CJ and I stayed for a good long while. Charlotte is so good at entertaining herself, it's amazing!

Then, just as we were getting up to leave I get a call from Rachel at the store checking to see if I had received the text that Annette had sent. I really hadn't been parying attention so, no, I hadn't.

Seems Kate from called and I should call her right away. So I did. Looks like we won the Great Richmond Dad contest! (And I do mean "we.") Thanks to all who voted and made it possible. It's very exciting!!!

We're going to have an official event at the Chick-fil-a right here on Friday evening sometime. I'm sure when but there will be an announcement on the site.

Back to reality: Rachel went to talk to Dr. Matt this morning and she always feels better when she does. The rest of the day has been very busy with camp, classes, and all that at Romp n' Roll, and CJ drawing lots of pictures at home. Aunt Phyllis kept her dynamo ways up and with only a little help from me, had a new shelving unit installed in the upstairs office closet.

A very odd thing, the next door neighbor took it upon herself to trim some branches off of our trees...on our property...without asking us. Now she's an uber gardener and all that but Gramps is a Master Gardener and he knows more about that sort of stuff than she will ever forget. I'm positive she thought she was doing us a favor but I think it was a bit presumptuous. What do you think? Whatever, I certainly have other things to worry about.

Saturday was odd. We had the morning to ourselves and we went to Poor Farm Park to play. As we got there, we nooticed other kids coming to a birthday party at the shelter right next to the playground. Chalrotte was very into the playground untill the kids really started showing up in numbers. She got manhandled by a few kids wanting to get around her and that kind of turned her off to the whole thing. We left after less than a half hour.

Then we went to downtown Ashland to see the Farmer's Market. A woman at a booth heard her name and said, "Is that THE Charlotte from St. James?" I'll say it again, I think CJ is over the whole minor celebrity thing. We did get to eat big marshmallow treats, though! YUM!

Gotta go teach Monday night classes,

Have I mentioned what a great day this has been? Besides my atrocious spelling, we've continued to have good stuff happen.

Charlotte had a great day playing with me, Uncle Kolbey, and Aunt Phyllis. (Right now she's sitting in bed, singing to herself; being cute as humanly possible.) She's also been drawing pictures to send to Pixar Studios as part of her "thank you" package for all the stuff they sent her.

We had two rather full classes this afternoon, both of which were not even on the schedule originally. Both were "requested" by groups and have filled out the evening nicely. One class, "Rhythm n' Roll" at 6:30, is nothing but girls! Never had that happen before. They're every bit as rowdy as the boys and don't listen even more! (did that make sense?) Total hoot! Gonna be a great session.

Tonight, Charlotte and I got to talk to Nile and little sister Olivia via Skype and I got to see the autographed Super Bowl champion footballs he got at the bowling event with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Dang it! He got to meet the Bus! :-)

Thank you all for the well wishes and comments. I really appreciate it.

Did you see how they ( pulled you along in the best American Idol fashion with the teases and first letter of the name revealed to get you to click deeper into the website and all that? It was awesome!! :-) Kudos to
There's going to be an offical "award" event at Chick-fil-a on Friday evening. Stay tuned for more details.

Last but not least, we did NOT hear from Dr. Kahn today about THE PLAN. Feel free to nudge him to call us tomorrow if you see him. We are so over NOT having a road map. Someone just point or something and say, "Go there!" And we will. I promise.

Beside that, it's been a pretty good last few days. Thanks to all our customers for coming out and registering for classes, thanks to everyone who has been lining up to do things for us, thanks for the donations that are still coming in at a pretty good clip, thanks for the chocolate chip cookies and the home made mac & cheese with the bread crust topping! The thanking will never stop.

Time for milk and said cookies!


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