Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Good Days

The good days keep piling up. Charlotte had a great morning of reading, drawing, and playing. Phyllis reorganized the office and I helped her get the old futon mattress under the new one. Now we have a very tall bed! Can't wait to sleep on it.

Rachel worked Camp Rompy this morning and I stayed home. Among other things, I went to the post office to send out some letters including a small package to PIXAR Animation Studios with some pictures that CJ drew and a thank you letter. Extra shout out to Sean Feeley for helping out with all that.

Meredith and Anya came by to pick up Charlotte in the early afternoon and the three of them went to their house, put on some girly clothes (including tutus) and went to a dance class! The picture is attached.

While CJ tripped the light fantastic, I collected some leaves and twigs for the kindling pile and did some wood chopping which always makes me feel manly!

Then it was off to Romp n' Roll to teach the afternoon/evening classes. Charlotte came down to visit with Mommy and Phyllis who were on their way, eventually, to Bed Bath & (WAY) Beyond. When I got home, Charlotte was hanging out, watching Caillou (who looks an awful lot like her friend, Larson, did as a very young boy).

She gave a big yawn and went right to bed when mommy asked her to. She read her books for a while and when she was through, she tossed them out onto the floor, as she is prone to do. That's usually my cue to ask her if I can turn out the light. She usually says yes and is zonked in a bout two minutes.

So guess what?!? We have a procedure planned! CJ and I will be going in to get the LP (lumbar puncture) Thursday. Other than that, what do YOU think? We don't know anything. We'll probably know more very soon though.

The possibility of going to Shands in Jacksonville, FL for proton beam radiation is very high. I'm pretty sure we would stay in Jacksonville and make occasional trips down to Daytona Beach to visit Grasnny and Gramps (or they would come to us). My dad has volunteered his palatial RV for us to stay in for at least a little while since CJ likes the "campin' truck" and would probably be comfortable there. We will also explore Ronald McDonald house and other Hospitality House-type places.

I'm guessing but treatments would probably run 6-8 weeks. Rachel and I would set up our schedule so that one of us was down there constantly and then we would switch off every two or three weeks (we think).

All just conjecture. We really don't have a clue yet.

Cluelessly yours,

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