Thursday, June 18, 2009

Her Protocol

Very quick update,
We're going in for the latest LP (spinal tap) this morning and hopefully we'll get to talk to Dr. Kahn about the next move.

If everything goes smoothly and there are no complications, Rachel and I are headed to the Capital Ale House to see a favorite of ours VINX! He's a percussionist/vocalist who was discovered quite by accident when Sting was passing by a club where VINX was playing. Sting heard the very cool music, pulled up short, and went to listen. He eventually produced VINX's first album. I stumbled upon it in college and Choosy Mama from his second album, "I Love My Job," has been used as sort of a theme song in our family.

Tomorrow is the award ceremony at Chick-fil-a at VCM and I think it would be very cool if the fire marshall closed the place down due to too many people! Just a thought. I'm actually feeling a little apprehensive about the LP today. Hope I can celebrate/appreciate it properly tomorrow

Gotta go wake up the princess.

We are back from the clinic. We were only there for 6 hours today. Sheesh. At least we got some answers.

First order of business was the spinal tap. They asked us to be there by 9 just in case anesthesia was ready early but they weren't so the spinal tap didn't happen until about 11 or so. Let's all remember that Charlotte had had nothing to eat since about 8 PM the night before and had to be NPO for the anesthesia. She really didn't complain too much but as soon as Charlotte was "out" Roger went downstairs to nab some (what else) Chick Fil A.

Speaking of which, y'all come on out tomorrow at 5:30 to the Chick-Fil-A at Virginia Center Marketplace to honor our Great Richmond DAD! Yay!

Back to the as soon as they gave her the sleepy juice, she was pretty much out of it. It was hilarious to watch her engaged in converstaion and then, midsentence, to just flop over and go to sleep.

After the tap, we waited for her to rouse. Dr. Tye and Joanne came by to check in with her. Dr. Khan had taken out her stitches while she was out for the spinal tap so her head looks GREAT. Then Dr. Khan came back with (drum roll, please) her protocol. They are looking at starting some oral and IV medications on an outpatient basis for a few weeks. She will be on Accutane (yes, the acne drug), Topotecan (she will have to have this via IV 5 days a week in clinic because of the dosage needed), and eventually Temozolamide (another oral med). All of these meds carry their own share of side effects, all similar to many of the drugs she has been on before. The goal with all of these drugs will be to neutralize the malignant properties of the tumor (the Accutane does this) and stop the tumor growth.

We are also going to try to get her back into a somewhat regular PT/OT schedule in the next few weeks.

Radiation is tentatively scheduled to start mid-July and will be for 6-8 weeks. Pending results of the spinal tap (and assuming it is clear), we will start to coordinate with our new hospital for radiation. We agree with Dr. Khan that while many of the long term benefits of proton beam radiation are not well known (mainly because it is such a new therapy), it is worth the effort and risk given her age and all the potential benefits. He is going to work on checking with insurance and participating hospitals. She will actually stay on the other three chemotherapy drugs throughout radiation and then will continue them after radiation as well. There is a road map laid out week-by-week with all of the different drugs and when she takes them.

At this time, we don't have high dose chemo on the plan but we have to see how the tumor reacts to radiation and some of these other agents. Potentially, she could be on these medications for up to two years before treatment would be "done" BUT if we are "just" dealing with outpatient meds and an infusion or two, that is definitely more do-able than constant hospitalizations. That is good news in my mind.

In other news, as we realized that we now have a treatment timeline, we figured that we can now plan the Princess's birthday. while we were waiting in clinic, we discussed dates and I think we are going to have a party on July 10th (a Friday) sometime in the evening. Charlotte decided that she wants to have a Tinkerbell party with an ice cream cake and she wants to have the party at Romp n' Roll. So here's your official invitation:

EVERYONE that would like to come is invited to celebrate Charlotte's 4th birthday on Friday July 10th at 6 PM at Romp n' Roll. We will have ice cream cake and some food. Please no presents. This is not a fundraiser and we don't need any gifts. We would just like everyone to come out and celebrate. Hope to see you there!!!

In other event news, the Home Based Business Bazaar will be at St. Ann's Catholic Church in Ashland on June 27th. This is a great opportunity to find that perfect gift or get your Christmas shopping done early. Many home-based businesses including Pampered Chef, Arbonne, the Happy Gardener, Avon, PartyLite candles, and others will be represented and will be donating a portion of their sales to Charlotte. There will also be a silent auction.

Also on the calendar is the NEXT Rompy's Concert Series on July 9th (Charlotte's actual birthday) at Chick Fil A/Romp n' Roll. Chris Fuller and Charles Arthur will entertain and we will have the blood bank there as well as a collection for the Central VA Food Bank.

I think that's it for now. Roger and I need to get freshened up for our date with VINX. Very exciting!

I feel a huge weight lifted just to have some answers and know that we will begin treatment tomorrow.


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