Friday, June 12, 2009

An Update

Charlotte sat on the couch and ate bon bons most of the day.

Not really.

She got to do a story time with her Montessori class via the Hopecam. That was very nice.

I went to Romp n' Roll to teach the Babies! preview class and it was very cool. There was also a Birthday Bash which was a total hoot!

Rachel sat on the couch and ate bon bons all day.

Not really. (She's dictating these things to me as she sits next to me)

She talked to insurance people trying to decipher whether or not the proton beam radiation procedure would be covered and where. Turns out MD Anderson IS in network but certain physicians (the important ones for us) are not. Shands in Gainesville, has a proton clinic in Jacksonville

(remember last time Rachel was dictating from behind/beside and I had to remove her spleen via her ear?!?!?!?)

So anyway, the Shands clinic in Jacksonville is in network as well. There are also hospitals in Boston, Indiana, and California. That's about all of that kind of news for now.

Rachel also went to the bank and deposited over $5000 into Charlotte's account! Thanks so much to everyone. The foundation plans are evolving ever so slowly but evolving they are.

She also got to get her toes done. Nice little distraction.

Aunt Phyllis and Meredith put up the special board next Cj's new table and that is looking very good. The rest of the house looks amazing under the cleaning and organizational skills of Phyllis.

Aunt Phyllis is an exceptionally intelligent and enlightened person. Imagine my horror when I turned around and she was actually watching, "What Not To Where!" Oh, the shame! :-) Oh well, I like "Primeval" so I guess I have no room to talk.

Obviously I'm rambling so I'll sign off and go clean my surgical instruments. (remember the spleen!)

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