Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Care Calendar has Been Updated

Needs to watch Charlotte over the next two weeks have been posted on the Care Calendar. Please go there if you think you can help. There are some morning and evening needs. You can also email me if you can do some of the time but not all. Some of the timing is flexible.
Instructions for accessing the Care Calendar (you need a code) are in the RESOURCES section of this Caring Bridge site.
I think I have also figured out how we can post a calendar with fun-raising events. More on that soon. Gotta go teach...

Charlotte is sleeping. I hope that's not a bad sign but my kid never naps! She had a busy day,though. Roger took her to PT and she did very well. The therapist was very impressed with her progress and she got to ride the tricycle.
Then it was off to lunch with her "boyfriend" Wyatt at chick-fil-a. She actually climbed up the play area and went down the slide. She hasn't been able to do that for a while. We also ventured over to Romp n' Roll for some playtime. Needless to say, when she got home, she went to snuggle with Daddy and CRASHED.
Oh, and she POOPED this afternoon. Hooray for poop.
That's all the news to report so far.

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