Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Few Quick Notes

Very quick note.
The Randolph-Macon College bookstore (now owned by Wal-Mart! :-) ) has Charlotte bracelets!

There are also lots at the store and we'll be happy to deliver any where!


Next very quick note.
Ashland Breakfast and Lunch (Formerly Pete's Restaurant) on Ashcake and US 1 now has pink bracelets. (and pretty good chicken noodle soup as well).
Had a cool event in my babies class today. One of the more serious babies actually gave me a little bit of a smile while I was tickling her during Rompy's goodbye song. That was a first and it made my day!
Other news, I've confirmed the participation of the Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet as the "headliners" for the final concert in Rompy's Summer Concert Series. The concerts will take place on the second Thursdays of June, July, and August. UVJQ will perform on August 13 and Gypsy Roots Swing (with Thomas Wakefield) will open the fun with their own brand of "jazz manouche." Both bands are donating their services.
All concerts will be used to gather food donations for the Central Virginia Food Bank and monetary donations for CJ's fund. They'll be in the Chick-fil-a parking lot and we're always looking for more sponsors!
As I get all the other bands confirmed, I'll send out the big press release. Just thought you get excited by the Uptown/Gypsy Roots development. Gotta love those guys!
OK, not such a quick note.

Mommy's turn:
Charlotte's days continue to be good. I can only assume that the overnight IV fluids that we have this time around have something to do with it (and maybe the glorious power of prayer). She continues to keep up her energy, appetite, and a poop at least every other day. We got permission today from our NP for IV fluids to continue until her clinic visit on Friday.
We will be very sad to see Granny, gramps, and Kolbey leave tomorrow. for Florida. Kolbey will fly home on Monday but Granny will not return until the end of the month....hopefully timed well with our next round of chemo.
As mentioned, i will be posting some "needs for help" on the care calendar soon. Hopefully by late tonight/early tomorrow.
ALSO, our fun-raising team has been busy, busy, busy. First of all, the checks keep floating in from the Head Shaving party with additional donations for Bob Flanagan and Mitch Hayes. Way to go! We also have a LOT of upcoming events in the remainder of April, May, and even into June that will benefit Charlotte. I am thinking that the best way to get the word out about this is through a published calendar; however, I'm not sure WHERE I can publish it. There are no spaces on Caring Bridge and Care Calendar doesn't seem to be the most user-friendly thing in the world. If anyone has any ideas about this, please email me directly. I was thinking of something in Publisher/PDF format that I could post online somewhere...I'll work on that.
Tomorrow morning it's RnR for mommy and PT for Charlotte (and Daddy). Then we'll do the big switcheroo in the afternoon.
I'd like to see the sun but I really won't complain...

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