Monday, April 27, 2009

Trip to the Clinic was as Good as Could be Expected

Charlotte was bright-eyed at 5:30 this AM! Not so nice for mama who didn't get to bed till past midnight. Oh well.

Trip to the clinic was as good as could be expected. Her numbers looked really good. The NP was checking her out and went to look in her ears. You will never guess what they found: A TICK!!! Yes, an actual, live, tick on the inner rim of her earlobe (the pinna for those who know the technical terms). It was alive and attached but not engorged. So the NP got some alcohol and tweezers and detached the little "sucker" quickly without too much drama.

Then it was dreaded catheter time. It was pretty rough and no better or worse than usual. The nurses did a fabulous job but she was still miserable. She selected a new "accessory set" from the prize box. Nothing like a new purse and jewelry to make a girl happy! Then we went home with a special request to go to McDonalds. She actually fell asleep on the ride home so we did the drive thru and then ate at home. Her appetite has been great lately.

Now she is "chillin" with Grandpa watching Dora. Grandpa will take her in tomorrow morning and Roger or I (probably me) will meet up with him tomorrow afternoon. We will see how long the admission process takes this time!

I now have three volunteers working on a display board for Charlotte. Thanks to Sarah Blankenship for coordinating this. She is contacting the other two moms today and they are going to put their creative heads together.

Roger has been busy all morning at Romp n' Roll and I'm sure he will report on his endeavors later.

Gotta run and be as productive as I can...or maybe a nap???


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