Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone. Thanks so much, again, to all involved with the Head Shaving Party on Friday. It was a great day from the word "go."
The morning Open Gym was busy with lots of our regular faithful members and that meant more to me than most people can know. It meant that our members are invested and interested enough to keep track of our wacky schedule shifts and adapt with them. (This has actually been a very successful Spring Break and now we are VERY excited that the official Summer Session schedule will be available TOMORROW!)
Then, after Open Gym, I went running around, gathering stuff for the big event including some cool jars and vases for the donations, face paint for the freshly shaved heads, and prizes. I had some good karma going and the timing actually worked out perfectly to fit in a Dr.'s appointment for myself. (Yeah, I actually need those too sometimes) Just a checkup. My numbers were all good except my cholesterol for which I actually have medication but I had stopped taking for a while to see if my low numbers from last time were a result of the statin or better eating habits. Turns out it's a little of both so I started taking a half dose again since that's what worked so well for my last checkup.
So, back on task...Got everything together and got things rolling right at 3pm (again, perfect timing despite a bog ole' traffic jam on 95). The rest you know about. $4600+. THANKS!
Rachel gave out lots of thanks but I want to send out my own.
Amanda from Great Clips a couple doors up was so generous with her lunch hour and did such a great job of whipping out those heads.
Also, Cici's Pizza gave us TWO huge trays of brownies for the party and has often offered meals (which we've taken them up on once)
I can't tell you how much I appreciate Pam and Chick-fil-a for everything they've done and are planning to do for us/Charlotte. Thanks for letting me be a cow! :-)
The head shavees. You helped make it so much fun!
The completely AWSOME RNR staff who proved once again how much we couldn't do without them.
Sorry for forgetting anyone. I'll remember them during my Grammy acceptance speech!
Now we have our next event coming up:
The Lisa Nichols Richardson Memorial All-You-Can-Eat Benefit Dinner, titled, "Living With Cancer" On April 25 from 2-5pm. At the Elko Community Center in Sandston, VA. Tickets are $10 and will be on sale at Romp n' Roll VA Center! All proceeds to help Charlotte.
This post to be continued...gotta run to the store to get some last minute stuff for Easter dinner...

An Update:
OK, I'm back. Yummy Easter meal. Charlotte is still eating like a champ. She's been downing the strawberries like nobody's business. Need to get a little something else in her so she doesn't explode (if you know what I mean).
The Flannagans (Lou and Joanne) brought by a couple discs of pics from the head shaving party and I'm going to try to post a bunch of what I have to Facebook since that's the best place I've found to share lots of photos (given my limited technical ability). Thanks folks.
Back to schedules...Happy Start of the Civil War. Does licking my chops at the number of future Southern Horizon gigs make me a war profiteer? 150 years or so after the fact? :-)
Here's what else is going on:
Tomorrow evening: RNR to Go up to Caroline County for an adventure class. There were several people from up there at the Head Shaving Party. Thanks for being there.
Tuesday, April 21 - We're invited to participate in Come and Play With Chic-fil-a at Virginia Center Commons Mall (in the play area by Sears) Not exactly sure who's going to do that as I will be doing RNR to Go. Needs to be led by a trained employee but volunteer "helpers" are always welcome.
Thursday, April 23 - There's an Open House at Rainbow Station by Memorial Regional Hospital. We can use a volunteer "helper" and a babysitter for CJ.
Saturday, April 25. - Talk about a nuts day! Besides the "Living With Cancer" benefit dinner in Sandston, we also have The Connections Fair at the Childrens Museum all day, Miss Alyson's Wellness Fair in Ladysmith, and a Southern Horizon performance at Tredegar Ironworks at 1:00. So it's going to be a huge day. I would like to take Charlotte to the dinner after the SoHo (My personal abbreviation) performance but we will probably need "CJ coverage" before then if anyone is available.
Wednesday, April 29th - I have a conference in the morning and Rachel is teaching at RNR.
Saturday May 2 - Randolph-Macon College is having the Relay For Life and we might be involved a little. Several organizations on campus have contacted us one way or another about doing something for Charlotte. More details as they develop.
We're going to have "Rompy's Bluegrass Jam" at the store on Monday, May 4. Bring your axe. Free for adults, kids can play in the gym for $5.00 each. Donations to the cause always accepted! Charlotte will be having chemo round 3.
I'm sure we will eventually have all of this on the Care Calendar so please check there to volunteer/sign up.

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