Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Passover Everyone. And a blessed Holy Week.

Let's pick Easter Island time today...
So Happy Passover everyone. And a blessed Holy Week.
And Happy Wednesday because that is the day on which God created LOST!!!
I digress...
Thanks to those who have responded either via the Guestbook or privately with your words of comfort, support, empathy, etc. after my last post. Much appreciated!
All in all, except for the lack of sleep it was a decent and busy day. We had a great visit with Reese and her mom before their visit to the clinic today. Reese was very talkative, happy and a joy to see. Love those Strawberry Tights! THEN we had a great visit from our new friend Cheryl and her daughter Denise. They live in Ashland and we have met through mutual friends. Cheryl is heading up what I think will be a GREAT benefit concert for Brain Tumor Awareness month (MAY) at Ashland Coffee & Tea. Her daughter is a survivor and came to visit Charlotte today. She is almost 16 so Charlotte now has a survivor "buddy" who can tell her all about being in the hospital, share a story or two, and maybe even babysit sometimes. Charlotte was excited to meet her and that was a great addition to our day. It didn't hurt that Charlotte also got a new monkey beanie baby out of the deal.
Also thanks to Cheryl for being a person to lean on. She's been there and is (mostly) on the other side. That's comforting!
MUCH thanks as well to Emily for bringing us lunch today. So good to see her 'cause it's been a while. BIG HUGS! Lunch was wonderful!
Daddy came to visit this morning after picking up our taxes from the accountant and before Romp n' Roll. We had a fun time as always. Between all her visitors, Charlotte also did some painting in the playroom, took a few walks (practicing her princess wave), and watched some videos and read some stories.
We are still struggling with the oral meds. She gets herself so worked up and then proceeds to vomit afterwards. Which basically nullifies the value of the meds. Not to mention losing any valuable nutrition she may have taken in. We're still working on this. Popsicles seemed to work for a while but even with ALL her favorites available (chocolate, cookies, milkshake, m&ms, you name it...) the bribes don't work. Where's a good behavior analyst when you need one? (Oh, yeah, right...that's supposed to be me. Oh well.)
She did poop this evening (hooray for poops) and we are completing Day B tonight so we are still on track for a Friday discharge.
I received word that BRACELETS ARE IN! I will be getting a delivery from Melissa tomorrow and we will work on getting them distributed to those who want them. Yes, there will be some at the party on Friday. Yes, Barclay, you will get as many as you want. And yes, some will go to FLA with my mom after they leave next week.
I guess that's all I have to report. I am going to grab a beer, pop some popcorn (non-microwave of course!) and get ready to get LOST...
Don't even try to call me between 9 and 10 PM. I will NOT answer the phone.

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