Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Charlotte had a Pretty Good Night

Always have to lose one post per round.

Just had a fire alarm so I posted what I had typed but failed to realize that my connection had "expired." So off to the great ether went my morning's thoughts.

Suffice to say that Charlotte had a pretty good night in spite of the beeps, diaper/medication changes, and the little baby admitted last night about midnight. I'm not sure if it's a boy or a girl but he/she was having a very rough night. Another one for the positive energy focus group.

I'm copying as I'm going btw.

It was the morning of her 100th day that ran over CJ like a Mack truck. I woke at around 5:30 from a deep sleep and moderately good dream to CJ "yarking" what little she had in her stomach. She was still asleep so it took her a minute to realize she shouldn't put her hands in it.

We changed her clothes, diaper, and bedding and she zonked again.

About 8:30 she threw up again so they gave her an anti-nausea steroid with a little more umph than the zofran.

She's still sleeping and I can only imagine that she will most of the day.

Grandpa left this moring and I understand he left behind some Juanita Bonits goodies. Thanks! I can't tell you how nice it was to have my dad here. He covered CJ shifts Rachel and I couldn't have possibly covered.

Granny comes in today so the family revolving door continues to go 'round which is good.

Do you think the reporters covering the swine flu outbreak from Mexico did something wrong?

In Romp n' Roll news, Rompy's Summer Concert Series has finally been set. Mark your calendars.

Thursday, June 11 - The Taters (LOVE those guys!)
Thursday, July 9 (CJ's Birthday!) - Clay Mottley (the voice of Tumble Tunes)
Thursday, August 20 - The Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet with special guest Gypsy Roots Swing Band.

There might also be super secret surprize guests.

Concerts are free, start at 5:30pm, and we'll be accepting cash donations for Charlotte and non-perishable food donations for the Central Virginia Food Bank.

Also, we're having Rompy's Bluegrass Jam Monday night from 5:30 until...? Bring yer ax and yer kin. Kids can play in the gym for $5 while anyone can come jam for free.

Another random thought. With all the amazing technology all around us, why can't MCV have showers that don't leak or drip?

OK so Nurse Nikki just came in and tlod me there is an MRI scheduled for today. as that been on the books for a while? Sometimes I feel so out of touch.

I think a coffee mug is calling me.

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