Friday, April 3, 2009

Catheter removed, MRI Showed no Growth, & Charlotte Sleeping Peacefully

How about West Xylophone?
CJ had the catheter removed this morning, an MRI which showed no growth (YAY!), and at last message from Rachel was sleeping peacefully.
She was extremely clingy this morning and I just sat on the couch with her for about a half hour while mommy got things packed and ready. She pretty much knew what was happening and didn't want to let go. I talked to her and told her that nasty catheter was coming out and they were going to take a picture of her brain and all of that was good and relatively painless. She seemed reassured. She asked me where I was going to be and I told her at Romp n' Roll and she seemed ok with it. I sang to her a little and then put her in the car with Mommy and Granny. I have a much better feeling about things now than I did a day or so ago.
Some dads from the Yahoo Dads group are here at Romp n' Roll playing around and we'll just keep it going for the rest of the day so there's lots of fun to be had.
Rachel didn't take the laptop so I'm the point person for CB updates. Granny will be staying at the hospital tonight. Mommy and Daddy are going to just stay home, drink wine, and maybe get some rest.
Major cool event during babies class today: got to see Isabelle crawl! She just started this week. We were all very excited. We also welcomed yet another set of twins (girls: Ashley and Amber) to Babies!
Also wonderful to see Megan Blake, Katie, and Katie's Grandma at Tumble Tunes this morning. Everyone seems to be doing a little better. LOVED the scarf and they gave CJ a t-shirt that reads, "Bald Chicks Rock!" Megan has a matching one, I hear. Thanks Grandma (she made them).
Gonna scrounge up lunch.
Come in and play!

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