Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another Great Day for Charlotte. She is Amazing!

I am changing the time zone to "Hawaii Time". Maybe that's wishful thinking...
Another great day for Charlotte. She is amazing!
Yesterday, I came home from Costco with three Nandina plants that John had helped me pick out for the front yard. Charlotte greeted us at the care and proceeded to ask all kinds of questions about what we were doing. She said, "How many plants did you buy?" and I said, "Well, you tell me." So she responded, "You bought the number of plants that match my age." WOW! Pretty higher level thinking from that kid!
For those of you wondering about further plans with the Head Shaving Party, the current schedule is that the party will be Friday, April 10th from 3-8 PM at Romp n' Roll (Virginia Center) with lots of play time for the kids. We will probably do the actual head shaving/decorating at about 6 PM to allow for folks to get off of work, etc.
Bob Flanagan and some other folks from the Ashland Jaycees have stepped up to take the reins for this current project. If you would like to coordinate efforts with him, please contact him at
I can't think of anything else to say tonight. LOST was great until it started tugging on those "mommy" heart strings. Damn that show!!!! I'm going to try to be brave and watch the series finale of ER tomorrow but I know it will be one big bawl-fest.
Time for night-nights. Early day at the clinic tomorrow.

The girls are off to see Dr. Kahn.
Earlier, I had been trying to talk to Charlotte about what to expect and all that but this time, I just couldn't bring myself to ruin that great mood she's been in all week. When I tried to bring it up last night that she had to go back in and see Dr. Kahn about the "headache in her head" her face visibly darkened and she said, very matter of factly, "My headache's all gone now." Feel kind of sneaky not warning her better about today.
Gotta love that parental guilt.
Gotta go do Romp n' Roll To Go at Primrose. Thanks to Karen Giles for helping out this weekend with the Spring Fling. Did I mention that Primrose is using the event as a partial fundraiser for A.S.K. in Charlotte's name?
Thanks guys.
p.s. Where is Rarotonga?

Update, Today was Kind of Rough:
And now we begin the slow descent...
Today was kind of rough. She went in first thing for the catheter. She knew it was coming so despite getting to watch Strawberry Shortcake on DVD, having all her favorite loveys close by and mom's hand to hold, the whole experience was rather traumatic. Chocolate milkshake after it was finished made it a little better, I think.
We got home around lunch time to find John and Kolbey cleaning the house top to bottom! Excellent!
She spent most of the day on the grumpy, clingy, whiny side. She knows that she is going back into the hospital tomorrow and she is not very happy about it.
Meanwhile we are mostly packed and ready to go. Kind of getting this routine down to a science with what we need, etc. We will go straight to the clinic in the morning for blood draws (labs) and then down to Radiology for the MRI. And then (hopefully) we will get admitted to the 7th floor without too much delay.
The plan is for granny to actually stay the night Friday night. Rachel is on duty Saturday night and Roger on for Sunday. I am sure there will be more updates over the next few days.
Big thanks to Bob for jumping in with both feet on the Head Shaving party and for all the other "heads" that have volunteered. I think plans are slowly falling into place.

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