Friday, April 17, 2009

It was a Decent Night

It was a decent night. Charlotte is still spiking a fever and the Tylenol seems to keep it "artificially" at bay for a while. Then it goes up again. It's been as high as 103! She also keeps complaining that her "bum bum" is hurting and the area is very red. Nurse Nicky made up some special "booty paste" that is even better than the sensicare cream and that seems to help a little. My guess is a UTI but they're waiting on cultures to come back. Also, her latest blood counts were even lower. I guess yesterday, they were low but not quite low enough for platelet or blood transfusion. Today they were VERY low so she is getting a blood transfusion right now. She slept ok considering all of this and I got a few hours of shut-eye too. Now she's watching Sesame Street and drinking some water. Yay!

At least we are back on 7 East this time. It's so much quieter here and it's nice to be with a crew of nurses who really seem to know how to work with younger kids and really know how to interact with Charlotte. Such a difference!

I actually gave myself a "home manicure" last night. I had a fabulous coupon from Bath & Body Works and treated myself to some good stuff, including a manicure kit. Then it was off to CVS for buy 1 get 1 free nail polish. Can't beat it. I offered to paint Charlotte's nails but apparently that's only Miss Heather's job.

It seems that Auntie Retta and our friend Lauren will both be stopping by for a visit today. We will definitely be here through tonight and, of course, we just take it one day at a time. The view from the room is beautiful so I hope everyone enjoys the day!

I realized last night that we (meaning Charlotte) has spent more nights IN the hospital than OUT since January 20th. We've actually been in the hospital over 45 days and out for only 40. And during about half of those 40 days, we have been to clinic or therapy....quite a life!

Well, my tummy is grumbling so I need to round up some breakfast...


Overall, it's been a very exhausting but OK day here at Camp MCV. The highlights:

She keeps getting a fever although it is taking longer for her temp to go back up each time after the tylenol. That should be a good sign but it's still frustrating that she's still having fevers.

She is on heavy duty antibiotics and she had her last dose of Vincristine for this cycle today. No poop yet today but we're definitely hoping for one. She's due. Her "bum bum" is still very irritated and we had the doctors take a peek just to make sure we don't need to be more concerned. Right now we are just watching it and slathering with cream. Her cultures have not come back with anything positive and her counts are a little better since the transfusion. They just took more blood/cultures this afternoon.

Her appetite has been very hit or miss all day. Not eating much at all. Her color is better since the transfusion but it seems more hair is falling out. We've been noticing the eyebrows and eyelashes thinning out a lot this round. It really stinks when the lashes get stuck in her eyes. Frustrates her a lot.

Thanks to Auntie Retta for coming to visit for a while as well as Lauren (one of our Romp n' Roll buddies) for bringing mommy lunch. Sweet potato chips....yum....We also got to chat about LOST for a bit. One of my favorite activities ever these days.

She has been quite the couch potato today despite everyone's best efforts to get her up and moving. We did go to the playroom one time and she got up to walk and ride in the wagon. Besides that, we've been coloring, watching movies, and reading books. She's also talking everyone's ear off. I guess she comes by it naturally. I, on the other hand, at least got some activity by going downstairs a few times and taking the STAIRS up on the way back. Seven flights up each time. My only exercise for the day so I'll take what I can get.

So now I'm just counting the minutes until Roger gets here. Should be relatively soon. Then changing of the guard and home to a full day of Romp n' Roll tomorrow. It seems based on everything going on that we will probably be here through Sunday.

A happy birthday to Ian. We are sorry to miss his party tomorrow, especially with the weather as it is.

Oh! A big plug for Megan Blake. Many of you know her from pics of our head shaving party. She's the fabulous woman who gave Charlotte her Bald Chicks Rock t-shirt. She also has her own Caring Bridge page and posts frequently in our Guestbook. Anyway, she was nominated for Supermom of the Year on and totally deserves to win. Please go HERE to vote for her. You don't have to live in the Richmond area to vote for her. She gets a fabulous prize package (including stuff from Romp n' Roll!!) We have a great network here on Caring Bridge so I think if everyone who follows our page votes for her (and get some of YOUR friends to vote for her as well) she has a great chance!!

That's all I have to say for now.


It's amazing the effect music has on some people.
We have been playing music for Charlotte since before she was born (surprize!). She was listening to Miles Davis "Kind Of Blue" in utero.

Throughout the tumor journey, we've been trying to keep music going most of the time one way or another whether it's a CD, videos, or me playing Frosty and Battle Cry Of Freedom on the "kitar." Just lately, though, we just haven't had as much straight music going and I wanted to remedy that. I also wanted to play something "normal" for her and in my experiments, I've found two ladies who have captured the ear of the princess.

One is Maggie Drennon ( I think she's only OK but we were listening to her CD on my iPod the other day and CJ got quite irate when I wouldn't repeat one of the songs for her.

Another singer with whom CJ has fallen in love, and the best example of "huh?", is Angelique Kidjo, an African pop singer with a seriously edgy voice who can sing intensly rhythmic tunes and beautiful ballads equally well. I played it for her the other day telling her it was her "Happy Music" and she just loved it! Tonight I put on a Kidjo CD and the effect was almost immediate. She settled down and went right to sleep and it wasn't during a slow, soft song either. It was during one of those intense, rhythmically driving songs.

So she's asleep and I thank Angelique Kidjo (

Both Mommy and Daddy are pretty worn out. I had a full day of absolutely WILD classes at Romp n' Roll along with a very fun Birthday Bash. I think there are pics and videos of today's events on Facebook. Lots of fun!

Well, as usual, it has taken me a very long time to get this done and I now need to sleep. See you all in the morning.


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