Friday, April 24, 2009

Charlotte is Finally Home

Charlotte is finally home after the never-ending-discharge process. We "started" going home around 11 AM and after waiting for orders, getting a dressing change, getting the last bit of antibiotics, and more all around waiting (oh and having to fix and re-do the discharge orders), we FINALLY went home around 3:30. We made it to Sonic just in time for Happy Hour and milkshake-shake (yay). Then I left Charlotte in the capable and enthusiastic hands of Uncle Kolbey and Grandpa while I drove down to Romp n' Roll, got the loaded-up SUV, and unloaded the obstacle course at the Children's Museum for tomorrow's Connections Fair.

Now back at Romp n' Roll and relieving Roger who had a HUGE day teaching four classes, hosting a playdate (happy birthday Gretchen) and doing many other things. (Good job Rog!)

Much thanks to Grandpa for staying the night at the hospital and giving Roger and I a bit of a respite. We are still both running on fumes and adrenaline but somehow we keep going.

Everything about Charlotte looks better and her white count JUMPED overnight so that is good news. We went home with IV antibiotics, oral antibiotics, but no other meds so that is good. She seemed full of energy today and continues to charm the socks off of anyone whoc comes to see her during the day.

Now the "new" news: while we checked out with the Hem/Onc team today, the doctor said, "Well, since we were supposed to start chemo today, I guess we will see you in the clinic Monday and get things rolling then." To which I said, "HUH???????" They did a double check and sure enough, this cycle is 22 days (not 28) so we were actually due to start today after all. SOOOOO, we are going back to the clinic on Monday to check labs. If everything is still a-ok, we will get the dreaded catheter inserted and will probably start things back up again on Tuesday. Now I'm REALLY glad Grandpa is here since he can probably stay a few more days until my mom can get here on Wednesday. Any child care needs for next week are on hold again so we will let you know if you signed up to help. Meanwhile, Roger and I will somehow need to reconnect, look at our schedules, and figure this out.

And now for this weekend's schedule: We are going to try to contain and curtail Charlotte's activities with others as much as possible. As much as she loves social time with her friends, we are ULTRA paranoid about germs right now. Roger and I will be going to the Children's Museum tomorrow morning, then Roger is off to his gig at the Iron Works with Southern Horizon. Then it's off to the Benefit Dinner at the Elko Center in Sandston. Then home to collapse, I guess.

Sunday is a Romp n' Roll day for mom (but not a full one); just a half day I think.


I think that about sums it up for me. Again, we are building momentum for the next big fundraiser at Qdoba on May 3rd. Come on out for the burrito contest or at least to eat dinner that night. This is a great opportunity to support Charlotte and a great business that has really helped us. Lisa Branner, their marketing director who is putting this whole event together, brought me dinner and brought Charlotte balloons at the hospital yesterday, So sweet! Again, you can get more details about this event by checking out the calendar on the romp n' roll-virginia center website (I will put a link in the RESOURCES section of Caring Bridge) or email me or Roger.

Other small fundraisers going on as well. The way things are going with the insurance company, we will need them.


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