Sunday, August 30, 2009


DADDY'S HERE!!!(this is Roger)The trip out had minimal adventure although at one point, I was told by the Hertz Customer Service rep I couldn't get the rental car until 5:30am Sunday because my flight gets back in after the airport "closes."Fortunately, the people at the actual Hertz location in Hobby are better informed and they told me they have to wait until all flights are in and several come in after Midnight.So I got the car. That's about as exciting as it got except for the amazing scenery out the window. Some pics are on the "Roger Reynolds" Facebook site.I got to The House a little past 1am and Rachel was still up. Another sleepless night as I'm still fighting the gunk and coughing is the big pain.Charlotte had been in bed for quite a while so she was out. The unfortunate part was that she woke up about 5am asking for a book from Mommy. I went over and let her see me. She was kind of out of it so it took her a moment to figure out what was happening. Of course when she did, she held out her arms to give me a hug.Then the focus shifted quickly back to books. I put on a mask and gooped up with sanitizer trying to expose her to a few germs as possible while getting some lovin' in. We have spent the morning reading, playing the spelling game on my iPhone ad nauseum, and watching the Sleepytime video. Her numbers are ok so I'm not too nervous about being around her. Just kind of.We're inviting any Houston area folks to stop by The House this afternoon starting about 3. Nothing official or organized. Just a chance to see everyone again and say thanks for all the help.

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