Friday, August 28, 2009

One more radiation treatment to go!!!

One more radiation treatment to go!!!Thursday was a pretty easy day. Not much to report. We did go with Halle and her mom to the Children's Museum. It is FREE on Thursdays from 5-8 PM. Since school is back in session in Texas, the crowd wasn't TOO bad. The girls had a great time exploring all the exhibits.Today we had our penultimate radiation treatment. We are getting very excited. Charlotte also got to see our friend Talia ring the bell for the end of her treatment (YAY). After she finished and was waking up, I gave her the Chocolate Milk (Instant Breakfast) that has become her routine post-treatment. She started gulping it down. Then one of the nurses brought her some more food and she ate two small chocolate doughnuts a shortbread cookie, and a handful of grapes (why do i feel like I'm retelling The Very Hungry Caterpillar?) We got back to RMH just in time for lunch (well, I was hungry!). Now Charlotte is watching movies and I'm going to have my "rest time". We have tickets this evening for a Luma Light Show over at the outdoor theater in Hermann Park and we are going with some of our friends from RMH. Tomorrow will probably be some packing and hanging around. Roger arrives late Saturday night (after midnight) so "Daddy time" will officially begin on Sunday. Charlotte has been so funny. The nurses and technicians at the proton center keep asking her if they can go back to Virginia with her and she says, "No! You have to stay here and work!" Very funny. OH! Big news! Some of you may or may not know that lately Charlotte has been rather partial towards Daddy and while she is not outwardly mean to me (usually), she has said things like "I don't love you Mommy" or has definitely picked being with daddy over me. I know on a certain level that it is a very "normal" childhood behavior, but it's also been very difficult to hear her say "I don't love you" or get a nonresponse from her when I tell her I love her. Anyway, this morning, on the way to radiation, Charlotte snuggled up to me in the van and (unprompted) said, "I love you mommy. I love you SO much." That made my day. I may not hear it again for a while but it doesn't matter. That makes me happy.

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