Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Wet Saturday

The morning started...wet. I let Charlotte sleep in as long as she wanted and she woke up with a very full and leaking diaper. Oh well. So it was off to the laundry again. She still took some time waking up but we were ready by the time the Bonitas arrived. On the advice of a "local", we delayed the Galveston trip as word had it that a local radio station was organizing a Volunteer "Mission Trip" to the Galveston area today helping with cleanup from last year's Hurricane Ike. The estimate was that 700+ volunteers would be descending on the tiny island so traffic would probably be worse than usual.

We decided, instead, to check out the aquarium. Something nice and cool and (mostly) indoors. The aquarium was pretty good. As usual, Charlotte didn't want to linger many places but we did eat lunch in a restaurant that surrounded a HUGE tank with lots of sharks, tuna, grouper, eels, etc. That really piqued her interest. They also had a train ride that took the riders through a shark filled tunnel and a carousel that had aquatic life (rather than horses). Charlotte rode the dolphin.

After that, we drove around Houston, checking out some of Grandpa's old stomping grounds and then we drove out towards Pasadena to see the San Jacinto monument. This is a large obelisk (12 feet taller than the Washington Monument) dedicated to the Texas War of Independence in 1836. There was a museum inside and I actually got to go to the top for free because Bank of America customers get FREE admission to many national museums on the first weekend of the month (when you show your Bank of America card and ID). So that was neat. The view from the top was pretty spectacular. Charlotte couldn't have cared a bit...

Anyway, after a light dinner (lunch was HUGE), we are now back at the RMH. Charlotte is watching Babe. She says, "My two favorite pigs are Babe and Wilbur!". Can somebody out there tell me if they have a top 5 or top 10 list for pigs?? It cracks me up that she has "two favorite pigs". She's funny.

I think that's all I have to report. I think we are going to brave the Galveston trip tomorrow even though it may mean horrendous traffic. You only live once, right?

Happy weekend, all.


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