Saturday, August 15, 2009

Riddle me this, Batman...

"Riddle me this, Batman..."Why would Humana One, our illustrious insurance company, pay for IV topotecan treatments which require a visit to the clinic, supervision by at least one medical professional, and the actual drug which costs well over $1000 just for the little package they hang on the pole (not to mention all the medical waste created when tubes, swabs, even the covering on the table, all have to be thrown away) and then refuse to cover the little liquid oral syringes manufactured right here at the hopsital, which we can do at home without supervision, and which costs about $800 for 14 days worth (and all we throw away is the little syringe)?Well, that's what they're doing. If you're looking for places where the wasted money goes, there's one. I would think other policy holders of Humana One or even shareholders of the company might be interested to see that inefficiency.
I just paid over $400 for a week’s worth of the oral version (It’s certainly not a financial hardship thanks to all of you filling up CJ’s account) and Charlotte took it with very little trouble. Dr. Wolff recommended this avenue because he said, “You have to get out of town; you have to go to Disney World.” The oral version offers us a lot more flexibility all around. Going into the clinic everyday is an acceptable pain but being able to forgo the visit is a very attractive proposition. I’m sure they don’t cover it because it hasn’t been “approved.” I think they ought to approve it. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t be able to maintain that outflow of cash for the long term and we’d have to go back to the IV route.
Charlotte doesn’t really give a hoot either way.The other, and much more serious insurance development: Humana sent us a letter saying that the proton therapy is considered out of network. This would be much more than a "convenience" issue and would normally have us extremely concerned except that we already got a coverage waiver (serial number and all) way before we even came out. Our angel in this matter, Yvette, is out of town, however, so she’s not available at the moment to check things out. Another person in the radiation dept. talked to me and after a little minor investigating, it looks like all the important information is still there in the computers so when Monday rolls around, hopefully this can get nipped immediately.
I groused at the person manning The House front desk this morning for turning out the lights on me while I was using the kitchen, twice. I told her it was a matter of being polite and all she had to do was ask me if it was ok or at least warn me she was going to do it. She, for her part was calm and tried to explain policy, electricity costs, yadda yadda yadda (of course I wasn’t interested in listening because I was mad) but after a short bit, I realized, again, that it’s really not that big of a deal.
Then after all that, Charlotte melted down because I had cut up the apple which was why I was using the kitchen area in the first place.
I see my irritation level rising slightly, which is weird because things seem to be going so well, but I get over most of it pretty quickly. Mostly because I’m not shy anymore about letting the offending party know that I’m irritated and then I let go of it right away. Keeps it from swirling around in my mind and making me stew over things. Makes far less bad energy in the long run. I could still use better judgment as to whom I aim my grousing.
So yesterday…Not a bad day again. Charlotte has started getting “the look” again so I wasn’t surprised when later, I got a call from the Children’s Clinic saying they wanted to give her a transfusion next Monday. Her numbers are still a little low but not going down but they wanted to make sure and I don’t think it’s a bad idea at all.
Rachel comes in tonight and Merilee Beasley is watching CJ for our date. No real plans this time. Just mingling auras.

A small yet massive victory today and it had nothing to do with poop.
A friend of my cousin Jeff’s, Larry, lives in Houston and we meet up today to hang out and get a little break from The House. At Charlotte’s request, we went to Chick-fil-a (surprise!!!). She ate like a champ and then told me she wanted to play in the playroom.
We got her hat, shoes, and brace off and she started climbing up the play “thing.” She got three tiers up when a boisterous older boy came whizzing down and bonked her on the head with his arm. No harm but lots of tears and I had to go up and get her down.
I held her at the table while she got herself together. She ate some more and to my surprise, she asked to back into the play area. I told her the big boys were still in there and she said, “That’s OK.” That’s my girl! She started back up the steps and I only helped her a little and once she go up high enough that I couldn’t contort myself any more, I asked one of the boys, David (pronounced Dah-veed), to just watch that she’s ok and he agreed (nice kid). I think he actually helped CJ onto the slide and down she came! It took a very long time but she was tenacious, determined, and never even hinted at giving up. That’s my girl.
I tell you, I’ve seen more and more of the old Charlotte every day (not wanting help getting off a couch, actually sitting up in bed on her own, trying suggestions I’ve given her as to how to bend over to pick things up, etc…) and today was a big glimpse of her. Warmed my heart.
Just though I’d pass that along. Thanks, Larry, for a fun afternoon.

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