Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pretty good day today

Pretty good day today. It's still hot and humid as hell. I think that's my biggest complaint. (Can you do anything about that, God?) Otherwise, a good day.Proton was at 10 today so not too early but not too late in the day. I got the princess up around 8-ish and she was NOT happy. First of all, she slept in her scrubs (didn't want to put on PJs), which was fine, but she also didn't want to change her clothes, change her diaper, or have her teeth brushed. And her breath STANK!!! Unfortunately, there was no arguing with her, so Grumpy and I just left RMH as-is. We trekked over to MDA first because I had an important mission. Many of you know how rabid I can be about recycling. I'm not a raging environmentalist, but I try to recycle as much as possible. We even recycle at RNR (We collect all the cardboard, glass, plastic, cans, etc. and haul it back to my house to put in with our home recycling). I just refuse to let REFUSE that can be recycled go in a landfill. I think it's a pretty easy thing to do if you're organized about it and have a place in which it can be deposited. It just takes a little effort. And, yes, I feel INCREDIBLY guilty about Charlotte's diapers. If I knew we would be back in diapers at this age, I would have started cloth a long time ago!!Anyway, I digress. So RMH doesn't recycle. They have ONE container for aluminum cans but even that isn't well marked so people even throw the aluminum cans in the trash. The dumpster fills up every day with plastic bottles, cardboard, glass, mixed paper. AGH! They DO recycle at MDA in the cafeteria and a few other select places so I've been trying to take at least the plastic bottles that I have personally used and deposit them in the recycle bin there. So if anyone in the Houston area wants a pet project, maybe they could work with RMH to get some kind of recycling program going? Sounds like a great Eagle scout project to me. I know that some places will even get their own recycling dumpsters on their property and then get income from the recycling material once it is hauled to a recycling center. I don't know if that can be done here, but it's worth looking into. So Walter Johnson was our shuttle driver again and he took us over to the proton center. Once that was done, I decided not to brave the heat and just hang out until the 12:30 shuttle from RMH. There were two adult patients "graduating" today so there was food for celebration. Charlotte really enjoyed noshing on some brownies and was telling all the little old ladies her mantra ("chocolate makes everything better").Then the RMH shuttle driver came to pick us up and we headed back to the house. We've been here all day, alternating between spending quiet time in our room and socializing with the other kids downstairs. It was a quiet but good day. This was one of those rare days where there was no group coming in to provide a meal so we were on our own. I didn't make it to the grocery store as I had intended so I got "creative" with my dinner. Here was my recipe:1 can of chicken breast (drained and cut up)1 package of frozen broccoli (steamed and cut up)mix chicken and broccoli in a bowl with black pepper and garlic/herb seasoningadd fettucine alfredo noodles from a frozen dinner left in the community freezerI made a meal that was big enough to feed three people and the 770 calorie, 46 gram of fat frozen dinner became instantly healthier when I ate less than 1/3 of the pasta and sauce and just added chicken and veggies. And now I have leftovers for tomorrow or the weekend. I love it when I can make a meal like that. Big news on the fundraising front: looks like the concert series tonight raised about $250 for us. Thanks to everyone who came out. I will let Roger name our specific angels since I missed it all...ALSO, the ReeseStrong 5K and Charlotte Reynolds Lollipop Kids Run is starting registration. You can go HERE for more information or also go to On that note, once we get back from Texas, I want to jump more seriously in getting CJSTUF (CJs Thumbs Up Foundation) officially up and running. Our friend Colleen has developed a logo that I love and will be used in our upcoming website (still in progress). We will need to set wheels in motion to officially launch the foundation so if anyone wants to lend their expertise in that, please throw your hat into the ring. We are not 100% sure yet what the charitable "focus" of CJSTUF will be, but that's part of what the Foundation and its board will determine. I will sign off now as I need to get the princess in bed. I finally convinced her to take a bath although I did NOT succeed in getting the teeth brushed. I pick my battles....Think energetic thoughts for Roger. He has a long day tomorrow again.

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