Sunday, August 2, 2009

Our Trip to Galveston

She slept in today (past 9) and woke up pretty happy. The Bonitas came to get us and we headed towards Galveston. It was still hot but cloudy. We enjoyed the drive and got there just about lunch time. We had a picnic lunch in the car and then ventured down to the beach. Of course, we kept her extra shaded and doubly sunscreened but we had a nice big umbrella so Charlotte could make sandcastles with Grandpa. She even ventured out into the water for a little wading. (just up to her ankles or so...

Pretty soon she got tired and we got hot so we headed back towards Houston. There is still a LOT of hurricane damage (from Ike) leftover in Galveston. Lots of damaged buildings, blue tarp roofs, and abandoned businesses and homes. Very sad. Lots of leafless trees too. They will come back in time.

We stopped at the grocery store on the way into town to "load up" for the week. Grandpa and Bonita leave tomorrow morning to head back to Tennessee. They've been on the road for one thing or another since early July so we are very grateful for their visit to Houston. Safe travels!

One of the little girls that Charlotte plays with had a birthday today (she turned 3) so Charlotte got her a little present (some hair clips) and we broke out the craft kit that Aunt Shelley sent us and made her a ziploc bag and crepe paper butterfly. Then Charlotte really started getting into the crafts so we did about 3 of them. My Aunt sent us this box with about 30 different crafts all "ready to go" in individual ziploc bags with instructions, materials, etc. Charlotte wasn't too interested at first but today she was all into it. We made the Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly craft by coloring the animals and the lady and then gluing a clear "skirt" in front of the lady. The animals go into the skirt as we sing the song. Charlotte thought that was funny. We also made a "spaghetti bowl" out of yarn and glue: wrapping it round and round a balloon in layers. We are supposed to let it dry overnight and then we take it out of the balloon mold. It's supposed to make a small, stiff bowl. We'll see how it turns out. So anyway, we were crafty today...

This evening, dinner was Indian food (YUM!). It was really good. Of course, Charlotte didn't have any but there was a magician on after dinner and Charlotte really enjoyed that. He did a lot of sleight of hand tricks and his finale was a levitation trick (he levitated about a foot into the air). She was captivated by the whole show and laughed at a lot of his jokes.

Now she's watching her "stories" and relaxing. Charlotte and I are back to the grind tomorrow morning. Labs, doctor appointment, and proton therapy. Another busy week.

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