Monday, August 10, 2009

Transition Update

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. The time-date stamp is correct. It's 1 AM...

My flight out of Atlanta was delayed (I guess due to that line of thunderstorms crossing the US) so we left Atlanta about the time I should have been landing in Richmond and landed in Richmond at midnight. And now I need to wind down before I can go to sleep.

Roger's and my "crossover" was very good. Aunt B, Aunt Lynn, and Uncle Terry arrived early Saturday afternoon and we made a grocery run and got some lunch while we waited for Roger to arrive. Charlotte was very amusing. She walks around with her baseball cap slung so low over her face I don't know how she can walk without bumping into anything. But somehow she manages to hide her eyes AND not walk into anything. It's funny.

When daddy arrived, she steamrolled to the front of RMH and attacked him with gusto. She missed her daddy! We did some visiting and then I swept Roger off on our date. To the Melting Pot!!! We hadn't been to the Melting Pot in a long time (it's definitely a special occasion thing for us) and I like it because the "slow food" thing and intimate atmosphere really makes for a good place for conversation. We talked a lot about all kinds of things...but mostly Charlotte. It was a great meal and a great date.

We relieved our babysitter around midnight only to find Charlotte still awake (!!!) [We're going to have to rethink hiring that babysitter again...HA HA!!] but she fell asleep soon after we got back. We all slept in on Sunday and then met up with the rest of the family for brunch at Jason's Deli. When the NM crew arrived for lunch, they were all wearing pink and purple with coordinating pink/purple baseball caps that had "CHARLOTTE" embroidered on them. Too cute! Charlotte was wearing her brand new pink BALD CHICKS ROCK shirt (thanks Megan!) and her light purple skirt and purple Tink cap so I think the folks at Jason's Deli thought we were holding the inaugural meeting of the Charlotte Fan Club. It was great.

After lunch, we went to the Gymboree next to Jason's and the Aunties proceeded to spoil Charlotte by buying her an adorable outfit complete with accessories. We also found a very cute cowgirl hat that actually met with the Diva's approval. Pics to follow, I'm sure. The day was topped off with a trip to the chocolate store across the street. Then we headed back to RMH to hang out until my Ground Angel came to sweep me away to the airport.

So I'm back in Richmond. I have work to do and mail to go through.

But first I must sleep...g'night.


(Just read Rachel's post AFTER I posted this one. We keep doing that! :-) )

Pretty good couple of days. Aunt B, Aunt Lynn, and Uncle Terry came in from New Mexico on Friday and were promptly pressed into babysitting service. Daddy came in Friday night and Mommy surprised him with the Melting Pot! It was very nice to just sit and talk for a while. We talked about Romp n’ Roll, interesting things we had heard on the news, and, of course, Charlotte. Lots and lots of Charlotte.
Charlotte has been doing pretty well even if her head now has a Marine, “jarhead” haircut with a soul patch on the back. I’ve noticed her attitude seems much more “Charlotte-y.” Not always good (she gets very irritated by the smaller kids who always want to be around her!) but much more normal.
We went out to Jason’s Deli for lunch yesterday and that was just awesome. Mommy and Daddy absolutely LOVE that place. Then we went to the Gymboree children’s clothing store next door and it was hard to keep Aunt B and Aunt Lynnard from buying out the place! They got all kinds of cool stuff for CJ and most of it was on sale, which is always good. One of the women working there was great with Charlotte and even took down the caringbridge information so we guess we’ll see her here eventually.
Next we went to the chocolaty goodness store across the way and as we were walking in the door, Charlotte started our family mantra, “Chocolate makes everything better!” Needless to say we were very full by the end of THAT excursion.
We went back to The House to get Mommy ready for the trip back to Richmond and, again, Charlotte was beautifully Charlotte. She loves her new lacing animals but it wasn’t long before she asked to play with Daddy’s shoe laces!  We found out later that Daddy is actually known as “The man with one shoe” among the kids at The House!
Mommy got off to the airport fine and CJ actually threw her kisses without prompting as she got into the Houston Ground Angels’ volunteer’s car (thank you again, HGA!). That's kind of a big deal. Her flight from Atlanta to Richmond got delayed so she didn’t get home until way late! But home she got. (huh?)
Daddy pulled out the guitar after Mommy left and entertained the kiddies for a bit including a set of twins who are new to The House. Only one is in treatment. Cute as all get out! We also met another new family had just who moved in. The daughter has a rare (it’s all rare) type of bone cancer in her hip. Charlotte really seemed to warm up to her so maybe that’s a relationship worth cultivating. She had a spot on her lung as well but it’s now gone and she’s cleared for proton! Yeah for good news!
Daddy has a lot to say about recent developments in his head and he’ll pen that epic when he gets it mostly straightened out but for now, this will have to do. Call it the “Transition Update.”

Happy Monday!

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