Monday, August 31, 2009

We are finished with radiation!

We are finished with radiation! Our appointment this morning was bright and early (7:30) and we drug ourselves out of bed for the occasion. Charlotte finished her treatment and then spent over 30 minutes waking up, drinking her chocolate milk, and then changed into her beautiful "teapot" outfit that came from Aunt B and Aunt Lynn. She was actually not TOO shy for the occasion and did a great job banging the going. Then we got many gifts from the folks at the proton center including a balloon bouquet, a tiara/princess set, a piggy bank, and a toy learning laptop that looks like a lot of fun. We said goodbye to some of the friends we had met while at the proton center, got the a-ok from Dr. Mahajan, and set off for the rest of our day.We decided to go to Chilis for lunch where I had a HUGE margarita. If you don't know, Chilis is doing a huge 10-year, $50 million fundraising campaign for St. Judes hospital. They are 5 years into the campaign and have already collected over $25 million. They were doing a "color the chili pepper" campaign so we decorated a chili pepper and donated some $$ to the cause. ALSO found out that September 28th, selected Chilis restaurants will be donating 100% of their profits from the day to St. Judes. Check out the Chilis in your area to see who is participating!After a yummy lunch (Charlotte ate a good bit of a grilled cheese and mandarin oranges), we tried to head over to the fine arts museum as that was one of the last "places of interest" we hadn't tried yet. Unfortunately, it's closed on Monday. Oh well.We came back to RMH and we've been chilling and packing slowly but surely. We are going to try to get as much packed as possible and then hit the Museum tomorrow before we leave for the airport. We also just spoke with the psychologist who did the neuropsych eval on Charlotte to collect a baseline. The basic results are that she scored in the high average range in all areas except motor and her vocabulary is in the 98-99th percentile for her age. Is anyone surprised? Ok, just checking. Before I forget, thanks to everyone who sent us cards, care packages, and all kinds of encouragement during our stay here in Texas. Everything helped to brighten our time here. Roger now has a ticket to go to the Texans/Vikings game tonight thanks to a wonderful donor to RMH. He should get to see Brett Favre play at least one more time! Monday Night Football! Yeah!

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