Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm holding my breath...

I'm holding my breath...Charlotte has been on the verge of something for the past two days. I am hoping that it is not a neutropenic fever. They drew her labs today and I probably should have heard by now if there was concern, but she is definitely sluggish and lethargic, fluctuating between warm(ish) and cold/clammy. But no fever. She also needs to poop so I am hoping that is the issue. The lactulose has been administered so we are just waiting.Yesterday and today, we finished radiation in record time. We have spent both afternoons at RMH, mainly in our room. I had some romp n' roll work to do yesterday and today as well as a conference call for work so Charlotte has kept herself busy. Mostly with movies. She got yet ANOTHER gift from one of the nurses yesterday. They gave her a HUGE Frosty the snowman throw blanket that is OH SO soft. Today she asked for Frosty and all the "girls" passed out lyrics and sang along. Right now it's raining. Second day in a row that we've gotten a good, solid afternoon storm. That does really help to clear the air down here. So I don't have much else to report. Please say a prayer that we are NOT headed back into the hospital. I really would not like to bookend our time in Texas with another inpatient stay.

POOP!!!!!!We have said it before but I'll say it again: Hooray for poop! She finally decided to "let go" around dinner time and I'm glad she has a strong diaper! Without getting too graphic, I will just say that it was HUGE. True to form, she is almost instantly more lively and animated. She has been reading her books and playing in our room for the last hour. I'm still not 100% confident we're out of the woods but I am breathing a bit easier. Hooray.

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