Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rachel's day out

Well, I'm not exactly sure how things are out in TX but I know that I have had a GREAT day. It started early with an 8 AM appointment with Dr. Bitsko but we had to do some flexing with the schedule so that I could see him before I left again for Texas. I'd been having kind of a rough time emotionally since some of Charlotte's recent medical developments and I think coming home (and being by myself to ruminate over it) just makes things worse. Anyway, we had a good talk and he helped me get some perspective on things. Always very helpful and encouraging.From there, I went to Divas for my SPA DAY! Thanks to the many people who helped make this possible, including Jackie, Meredith, Walter, Sherry, my parents, Becky, Tracy...who did I forget? Anyway, they got me a full day experience at Divas and I had a manicure, pedicure, facial, hydrotherapy treatment, lunch, and a one-hour massage. It was so relaxing and very nice to do something that was just for me. I did actually go in to work for a bit (Thanks Annette for covering a few extra hours) and then met up with some old work friends for drinks and dinner. So overall, I really couldn't ask for a better day. I really have work to get done that must get accomplished before I leave again on Saturday but I guess I will get there eventually. Big day at work tomorrow and then I'm on the 24 hour countdown again. Time is flying by and I guess that's a good thing. So Roger is calling me so I must go talk to my family. Rachel

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