Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Charlotte is Having the Best Week!

Darn that Adam Sandler!!!
Been a while since the last update. Charlotte is just having the best week. She's walking a lot including multiple trips down to the end of the block and meet-ups with neighbors, eating like there's no tomorrow, talking up a storm, and even using the potty once in a while. It's these kinds of great days that actually make it hard on us when we think of the week to come.
The stress has manifested itself in different ways for Mommy and Daddy. I'll let Rachel tell you her experience in her own words but for me, it came to a head while doing a little work from home on the computer.
I was sitting in the living room, sending emails, making calls, etc...and had the TV on in the background. The movie, "50 First Dates" came on with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.
I LOVE that movie and I was alternating between getting things done and watching the movie. I was really enjoying it until the part came on where she goes to the doctor (played by Dan Akroyd) and they look at all the brain scans to see where her brain damage occured. Between seeing the scans on the wall and weirdly identifying with the dad (actually the whole group of friends and family) who was trying to protect her, I guess something just sort of let loose and I lost it for about a minute. Not something that normally happens.
It could actually have been related to something else since I was feeling kind of "icky" later on in the evening and have only gotten a little better today. I think I have been on the low end of some kind of a cycle and everything has suffered a little. Who knows, I could just be full of crap.
At least I got some new pics up. I'll try to get more going soon.
We still need a volunteer to hang out at the Primrose Spring Fling this weekend (Sat). No setting up or tearing down. Just refereeing the kids so they don't bleed all over each other. Please give us a call if you're available.
We could also still use megaphones of various kinds and scrap PVC pipe for Rompy's Band classes.
Congrats to all who ran the Monument Ave 10K last weekend. I honked at you all each time I drove under the bridge on I-195 as I prepared to go to West Virginia. Good luck to those running the RR Ave 10K this weekend in Ashland. Wish I could join you. Need to run off some steam.

Update from Rachel
Yes, I have been amiss in my posting as of late. For those of you who have seen my Facebook status, you might understand...basically, I have been extremely moody the last week or so. Very stressed to say the least. Yes, I know that it is "understandable" but it doesn't make it any easier. And it doesn't make the problems go away. The Charlotte stress is hard enough but work stress and other life stressors keep getting in the way too. It's a lot of balls to keep in the air and I am not a good juggler. This is proving to be a very long and very difficult marathon and I feel like we haven't even gotten through the 10K yet.
This last week, as Roger mentioned, has been alternately positive and negative. It is so great to see Charlotte's progress. She is taking stairs better, getting around really well, eating well, pooping well, full of energy and zip...everything just couldn't be better. And yet the dark cloud of doom that is the next round of chemo keeps looming over our heads. Not looking forward to the catheter going in on Thursday and not looking forward to the marathon hospital stay starting on Friday.
I am extremely grateful to my parents for being here right now. They have been so helpful and Charlotte enjoys spending time with them. It does make it somewhat easier to handle everything else.
I thought I might have more to say but I guess I don't...I'll sign off and hope Charlotte will get a good night's sleep...

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