Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We're BA-ACK!!!

We're BA-ACK!!!A quick update before we all collapse. This has been a LOOOONG day. Charlotte slept in this morning (till after 10!!) while we cleaned up and packed up our room. We took three boxes to the post office (one of which we sent media mail as it was full of DVDs and books!). We came to Texas with three suitcases and left with FIVE (not counting our carry-on totes, the stroller, and the car seat). I have never traveled with that much stuff in my entire life! Actually used the skycaps!We said our goodbyes to our friends at RMH and I think Charlotte was a little upset by it all. She didn't want to say goodbye so we just said "see you later". All our recently made friends have carepages or caringbridge sites so I think we will all be able to keep in touch. I'm hoping a bald chicks reunion will be in the works within the next year. After some lunch and our final checkouts, we headed to the Museum of Fine Arts for a few hours. We only got to see about 1/2 the museum (I guess the second half will wait until next year) but it was one of the best collections of contemporary art I've ever seen. Very creative and interesting art (plus some "weird stuff"). There was also a beautiful collection of Indian, Korean, and Indonesian art. After that we headed to the airport. We went to turn in the rental car but had so many bags that the Hertz agent just drove us to the terminal to drop us off. Checked the bags, made it through security in record time, and grabbed an early dinner at Wendys in the airport. Charlotte was great on both legs of the flights. Roger saw one of the pilots waiting to board before we left Houston and mentioned to him that we were going home after finishing her radiation. As the plane landed in Atlanta, one of the flight attendants announced "One of our youngest passengers, Charlotte, has recently completed her cancer treatment and we are really proud of her". Everybody clapped, including Charlotte. Yes, we're not really done but that's ok. It's an accomplishment all the same.We had to wait for the stroller on the jetway after both flights so Charlotte waved at everyone leaving the plane and worked on her best flight attendant "buh-bye". We had a very short layover in Atlanta (less than 30 minutes) and both flights were uneventful. We arrived back in Richmond where the temperature is a LOVELY 60-some degrees. SWEET. The outside feels like the indoors in Texas felt the whole time we were there...It's late and it's dark but we already know that our house (and possibly our neighborhood?) has been decorated in anticipation of Charlotte's welcome home. Thanks in advance for the welcome wishes! We are looking forward to seeing everyone in the next few weeks. Unfortunately, we will hit the ground running. Tomorrow will be another long day. Roger will be taking her in early for the MRI, I will be going in to teach in the morning, and then I will meet up with them in the early afternoon to (hopefully) get results from Khan and Tye. Plus I have no idea how long it will take me to unpack, go through mail, and just kinda settle back in. I know everyone wants to see us (and Charlotte). Patience please! We can't wait to reunite with everyone. More updates to come!

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