Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fighting a cold

There really isn't much to report but I'm so addicted to this Caring Bridge site that I have to write something before I go to bed...The biggest news is that now I'm fighting some kind of cold/bug. I don't think it's very bad and I'm (hopefully) coming off the worst of it already but last night I was achy with a sore throat. At least no fever. I didn't sleep very well but Roger was very nice to me and went in to teach camp (I was supposed to be on morning shift). This allowed me to sleep and convalesce a bit, especially since Charlotte slept till after 10 (!!!).We went down to Romp n' Roll at about noon and took Roger over to Chick-Fil-A for lunch. Charlotte has become quite the "regular" around there and they hadn't seen her for a while so Tim (one of the manager/franchise trainees) and Linda (another adoring fan) took extra good care of us today. Then we did the trade-off and I went to work while Roger took Charlotte down to MCV to visit our employee Lindsey.I don't think we have had the time to update everyone on Lindsey. She is a Patrick Henry high school senior who has been working for us at Romp n' Roll since the beginning of the summer. Anyway, she's having a rough week (to say the least). Her dad was in a bike accident on Friday and then SHE was in a car accident on Monday and has a crushed hand that will require multiple surgeries. Otherwise she seems to be ok but Roger has been able to go by and visit her twice now and today she and Charlotte brought a movie that they watched together. Please add Lindsey and her family to your prayer list!! While at MCV, Roger did some "nosing around" just to see if there was any progress. The only news is that Dr. Tye also saw the scans and agreed with Dr. Khan with what they saw on the MRI. The ball is in motion to get the July scans from MDA. That's all we know.From MCV, Roger took Charlotte over to RMC where they met the Yellow Jacket Field Hockey Team that has recently adopted CJ as part of the Friends of Jaclyn Foundation. They had dinner with the team at Estes Dining Hall and Charlotte really seemed to bond with some of the girls. It will be fun to have her involved in their games. They were all wearing Charlotte bracelets and gave her lots of positive attention. Thanks to all of you for your thoughts, concerns, and messages in the past 24 hours. Roger and I are dealing with the ambiguity as best we can right now and doing as best we can to keep our spirits up. It's a very bizarre time for me right now emotionally and I can't really describe it. So I won't even try. Lots of thoughts in my head. Some good. Some not so good. Just be patient with us if we seem distracted or not really in the mood to talk about it. I guess that's mostly where we are.Signing off so I can get some sleep...Rachel

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