Monday, September 14, 2009

Waiting for the Son of Epic

It was a VERY busy weekend so I apologize for the lack of update. I understand that Roger's "EPIC" is still in process. Please be patient. I do not think, as my aunt inquired, that we will be waiting for years a la the Harry Potter Franchise but let's hope the anticipation is worth it. (ha ha!!)Anyway, I did have a very nice birthday and if anyone local to Richmond has not checked out the Goochland Drive In, you should. It's great family fun!!! I also got some wonderful birthday messages and wishes throughout the day and the folks in NM sent me a BEAUTIFUL flower arrangement that surprised me on Saturday. Saturday was super busy. We had an open house event at Romp n' Roll. Then, while I wasn't supposed to stay for the afternoon parties, I ended up needing to help because of an unexpected illness from one of our staffers. Roger had jetted off to Williamsburg for a Romp n' Roll appearance at a FACES event so I helped the birthday staff. Charlotte was a DREAM. She sat and read books in the lobby during both parties. She also had some special visitors who stopped by the Klauer organized bake sale. She was great!The bake sale was a HUGE success and thanks to all who showed up. I understand they made $500 for pediatric cancer research! Yay!Anyway, after Romp n' Roll we zipped over to the Inflatable Palace for Anja's birthday party. Charlotte got to see lots of her preschool friends and I think she had a good time. Roger even suited up to try the velcro wall! Hilarious!We crashed Saturday night. Sunday was a picnic at church. It was so nice to see everyone as it had been MONTHS (literally) since we had been able to come to church. The weather was beautiful, the food was yummy, and the fellowship was divine. Then I trotted off to do some paperwork at Romp n' Roll. Roger and Charlotte met up with me there and we all trekked to the Children's Museum for the Kourageous Kids ceremony. Charlotte was honored by ASK as one of about 22 (?) Kourageous Kids who have been receiving treatment for cancer at MCV during the past year. She had her picture taken by Commonwealth Photography back in May and all the kids' pictures are on display at the museum for the rest of September. Please stop by to check it out! The event featured ice cream, popcorn, the Maggie Walker Governor's School Jazz Band, clowns, face painting, and a lovely ceremony honoring the kids. We got to see some of the "regulars" with whom we commisserate from week to week in clinic. Then the kids got to play in the museum for about an hour. Back home Sunday night to do some prep work for the week ahead and then we all crashed. Now it's off to OT, clinic, and work...busy day ahead.Before I forget, don't forget to register NOW for the ReeseStrong 5K and Charlotte Reynolds Lollipop Kids Run on October 24th! You can register at OR we have registration forms and information at Romp n' Roll. Any kids who register by October 1st will get their NAMES on the t-shirt!!!Gotta run. Busy day ahead....

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