Sunday, September 20, 2009

Today marks 8 MONTHS since we started this journey.

Today marks 8 MONTHS since we started this journey. That seems like a long time. And yet the year seems to by flying by. I can't believe we are already thinking about Fall....Halloween, Thanksgiving, and (gulp) Christmas. Crazy!!! Charlotte has been doing well the last couple of days. Her biggest symptom is being "tired". She just doesn't have the energy level of a typical four year old. Our days have been busy with treks to OT, PT, the clinic, etc. Saturday we even went to the Children's Museum so Charlotte could show granny her Kourageous Kids picture. We played there for a while as well and she had a good time. As always, it is SO nice to have my mom here. It definitely allows Roger and I the flexibility to work as we need to. Plus she has a GREAT time with her granny and Uncle Kolbey too. Friday she had a minor meltdown in Physical Therapy. She is working on some tough stuff including bending down, getting up from one knee, and picking objects up off the floor. All things that are challenging to her. We were about halfway through when she just broke down crying (correct that:WAILING) about how she was tired and didn't want to work anymore. We're using a rewards system and everything but I guess we're just going to have to "ramp up" the reinforcement schedule (shout out to all my fellow behavior analysts!!). I foresee M&Ms being added to the reward lineup. Tomorrow is one more clinic trip for the Velcade and then we're off of that for two weeks. Have to work out things with her Accutane prescription because (true to form) things got a bit mixed up in the transition between Texas and Virginia and since Accutane requires an act of Congress (practically) in order to get a prescription filled we have to jump through more hoops and cross more t's. Sigh. Busy week ahead and then Charlotte is off to NM with Daddy so Aunt B can shave her head along with 5 or 6 other brave souls for the Head Shaving Party: West of the Mississippi version. They will just be gone for a long weekend. Before I forget, I have been nominated by someone (I wonder who???) for the Richmond Mommy Makeover Contest. This is the same website that sponsored Roger's Great Richmond Dad contest. I have the opportunity to win a makeover (insert joke here) if I get enough votes....SOOOOO if you feel I am deserving of such an honor (???) cast your vote HERE. Voting ends next Saturday, the 26th.

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