Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I posted on the Facebook site that Charlotte was simply amazing yesterday and she was. I continually draw inspiration from her determination.It's all little things, nothing Earth shattering but it adds up.Yesterday, a special ed teacher from Hanover County Schools came over to evaluate CJ for possible services through the school system. She talked a lot like Rachel.Charlotte was a little standoff-ish at first bit "Miss Terry" was very good at what she does and it took all of 3 minutes for Charlotte to be jabbering away at her.They did some hidden pictures, colors, counting, drawing, walking, stacking; but all camouflaged in play and Charlotte was amazing. Her physical limitations were clear and that's what we needed to establish. Her communication, vocabulary, and cognitive abilities shown brightly and I'm thinking Miss Terry left with a very clear idea of what we need. There's a meeting planned for next Wednesday to look into the options more deeply.After that, Charlotte and I went down to Romp n' Roll. She went to Good Sports Class and I did errands. She was all over the gym and was social with the members. She also spent a good amount of time pal-ing around with Miss Samantha.
When I got back to teach the afternoon classes, she was hanging out in the lobby with Mommy wearing a princess tiara with pink fluff on it getting ready to go into Princess Class. Very adorable.
THEN she came into my Two For 2s class and tried everything in the gym including climbing up the rock wall and sliding down the other side. I helped her quite a bit but she didn’t back down from anything and never gave up. She sat down on the red floor, got back up when it was time, picked up things from the floor without help, etc…I was immensely proud of her. She finally started to peter out around the second art project.
The off to home. She’s been asking to sleep in her upstairs room and although it has made me nervous, we put her to bed up there. She’s done great both nights and I’ve only put little obstacles in her way to alert us if she should get up in the middle of the night. The fact that she’s been completely out all night has helped.
The thing that made my night was when I went in to give her some medicine. She fussed a little like usual but afterwards, when I told her I’d stay with her for a bit, she gave me the biggest smile I’d seen in quite a while. Daddy is still a sucker for that smile.
This weekend, we go to Farmington, New Mexico for the cancer center walk and the “Aunt Soon-To-Be-Not-So-Hairy Head Shaving Party!” Should be a great time.

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