Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I won!!!!! Rachel's Mommy Makeover

Today was yet another shining example of how things come together. As of 8 PM last night, Roger and I were in a bit of "panic mode" as we were struggling to figure out the schedule for today. There was lots going on and much to coordinate. Fortunately, my mom took Charlotte to PT, Roger, Emily, and Sam were able to cover the front desk at RNR where needed, and I was able to actually enjoy my makeover.The makeover event was fun. I went to Salon Del Sol at Three Chopt and they did my hair and makeup. It wasn't a crazy change. She just shaped up my hair and gave it some funky but classy highlights. Then I got to "glam up" for my evening at Shops at 5807. Thanks to the folks who came out! It was a nice crowd. The other two moms and I were sequestered away upstairs until the big reveal. It was just like being on one of those TLC shows!! Then we got to come out and see all our friends and family. In the end, it turned out that I received the most votes. YES!!!! I won!!! I was really surprised and touched. We joked with Kate Hall (at Richmond Mom) that we are going to get "shut out" of future contests since we seem to be winning them all!! We promised her we would use our fabulous network to help other deserving folks win future contests. Poor Charlotte was exhausted and practially falling asleep on Daddy's shoulders so we didn't stay at the event for too long. Thanks to everyone who voted for me and thanks to Kate Hall at, all the vendors at Shops at 5807, and all the stylists at Salon Del Sol. The woman who did my hair came in on her day off and really treated me well!! I will hopefully post pictures soon.Aside from the great outfit that I already got, I also get a family photo session, lots of gifts from "By Invitation Only", and a few other fabulous gifts.In other news, I spent Monday and Tuesday at Sweet Briar College near Lynchburg presenting at the Central Virginia Training Center's annual conference. This was such a nice change of pace for me. As many of you know, this is what I did in my previous (read: before Romp n' Roll) life. I love sharing my knowledge and expertise in the area of special education with others. My presentations (four over two days) were very well received and I enjoyed doing them. I also got to see quite a few people with whom I used to work so it was a nice time overall. Do I miss it? Kind of...but I also love what I do now. I just want to do too much. Charlotte is doing well. We have OFFICIALLY run out of insurance-covered visits for PT/OT so we are very grateful for all of the money that has been raised for us so far. At $90 per visit (twice a week), her therapy bills are going to add up very quickly. That will be about $720/month! (And some of you thought daycare/preschool was expensive...that's for just 2 hours per week!!!)Charlotte continues to tolerate her medicines well. We meet with the doctors again tomorrow to check labs, etc. and prepare for next week. We are back to the Velcade and add in a new drug (Valproic Acid). One month from now, we will have another MRI too so the countdown for that begins. I can't believe it's October already!!! It seems like just yesterday I was sweating my tail off in Houston and now we are greeted with this glorious fall weather. Ok, I must end this before it becomes a novel and try to settle in for the evening.Rachel

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