Sunday, September 6, 2009

There's a massive one coming (fair warning)

Very quick update. There's a massive one coming (fair warning) but it's taking too long to get finished so we thought we'd at least let you know the events of the past couple days.The Randolph-Macon College Ladies Field Hockey team officially adopted Charlotte yesterday after their game with Washington College. They read an official welcome complete with background of her situation, gave her a bag full of gifts (I understand there is at least on more on the way), had a big hand-painted banner reading “RMC FH (heart) CHARLOTTE!”, and even had a cake with Charlotte’s name along with the Yellowjacket and all that. There are pics on my Facebook site.Today, we traded off entertaining/working with Charlotte and organizing the house. Rachel has been under the weather with a nasty ear infection but a dynamo in the house. She also worked with CJ a while making her identify aspects of the puzzles that have gotten too easy for her.I taught her the phrase, “Don’t give up!”We then went to Cracker Barrel for dinner which was nice. We’re spoiled in that CB is usually beyond reproach for service and food. Tonight they weren’t on their “A” game but it was still pretty good. We even had dessert.Tomorrow is Labor Day so nothing medical going on. I have rehearsal for Southern Horizon and the U. of Miami/FSU game is on (I’ll keep track on the phone). GO CANES!!!Tuesday and Thursday are PT/OT days and Wednesday and Friday are clinic days to start the new drug,Stay tuned for the epic.

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