Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thanks to everyone who sent me encouraging notes and thoughts after my last post.

Thanks to everyone who sent me encouraging notes and thoughts after my last post. I do appreciate it. I know I need to give myself a break and try to take things one day at a time. It's a struggle. It actually helps just to vent and lay it all out here on CB sometimes. Wow! The last few days have been SO busy and I don't see the pace slowing down any time soon.Roger and Charlotte left for NM/CO at about 4 AM on Friday. Roger has not posted pictures or an update yet because they have kind of limited internet access where they are, but I understand they are having a great time. Charlotte was (as usual) a great traveler. They were on 3 planes (Richmond --> Atlanta --> Denver --> Durango) so it was a long travel day on Friday followed by the Head Shaving Party where Aunt B lost her locks. I'll let Roger provide the details.Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I was teaching my tail off at Romp n' Roll Friday morning. Then my mom, Kolbey, and I had lunch at Casa Grande and I went back to RNR for the afternoon shift. Home for a light dinner at 8 PM, watched a movie and went to bed. Then back up this morning to teach. Home to do some "domestic stuff" and I will be going back to work this afternoon for an evening private event at RNR tonight. THEN I get to teach Roger's classes tomorrow morning, work a 4 PM birthday party and then drive to Lynchburg. I'm presenting at the Central Virginia Training Center's annual conference. Two presentations each on two days (one on Music Therapy and Autism and another on Augmentative Communication). They are both basic presentations on topics I've presented many times before so I'm not that nervous. Kind of excited about putting on my therapist hat again. I was asked to do this back in March or April and that seems like SOOOOO long ago. It's also a paid gig, so that's a nice plus. I'm just not enjoying all the coordination that goes along with it. Having Roger and Charlotte out of town for the weekend (and overlapping on Monday as they return from Colorado) has taken a bit of extra energy and coordination.Anyway, I no sooner return from that event on Tuesday then we're back into RNR schedule and Charlotte's appointments to the doctor, child study meetings, therapy, etc. I'm feeling a little harried! Thank goodness my mom has been here to provide some relief. So I just wanted to give everyone a quick update before I get a nap and head back to work. More news to follow...Rachel

Ok, first the bad news: Miami Hurricanes are losing to the VT Hokies. Rough game in the pouring rain. Mah!BUT....I got a call from Kate at today. I'm one of the three lucky finalists for the Richmond Mommy Makeover (yay!). Kate joked that we are just sweeping the Richmond Mom contests this year. We'll have to find something for Charlotte to win...she's next!Anyway, I will be getting a new outfit sometime between now and Wednesday (possibly tomorrow) from Fiero Bella and then the actual makeover happens Wednesday afternoon. EVERYONE who is able is welcome to come out to the Shops at 5807 (5807 Patterson) at 6:30 on Wednesday 9/30 to see my "new" and updated look. There will be wine, appetizers, giveaways and all kinds of fun stuff. I think they're doing a raffle for Safe Place so it's all for a good cause. Now Roger and I get to figure out the coordination craziness that will be Wednesday because I think we will have to shuffle around some appointments....we'll figure it out, though. Thanks to everyone who voted for me. I really appreciate it and I'm looking forward to seeing what they "do" for me.Rachel

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