Thursday, September 17, 2009

No new growth

Good News!!!!I just got off the phone with Dr. Khan. He (finally) got the scans from MD Anderson. He and Dr. Tye looked at them and he also spoke with Dr. Wolff. They all concurred that there does NOT seem to be any new growth. Any abnormalities, swelling, or growth that appear in the MRI were either there before or may be a result of things settling after the radiation. Furthermore, they believe that with the addition of the new drug (Velcade) to her protocol, we should just continue with things "as-is" and do another MRI in about 2 months (around the first of November) to assess progress. Yay!Can I say it again? YAY!! Huge weight lifted off our shoulders.We have had a VERY busy week between long days at Romp n' Roll, shuttling Charlotte to her many appointments, and the day-to-day business of life. Charlotte and I made it to the second half of the RMC Field Hockey game and then we went with them to Estes (the dining hall) for dinner. Charlotte wore her team jersey and hat and all the girls were excited to see her. It was a very fast-paced, intense game that went into overtime. Their opponent (Christopher Newport University) is outside their conference and pretty highly ranked so the fact that they lost in overtime, while kinda sad, was VERY GOOD for them as it means they are improving and ready to take on some of their conference opponents. Good luck, Macon girls!!! We will miss their next few games as they are all "away" but looking forward to their next home game in October.Even with the hectic schedule, it feels really good to be settling back in to the closest thing I can consider a "normal" life these days. Charlotte has been hanging out at Romp n' Roll more and that has been a blessing. It's great to see her participating in classes, playing with kids, and being a "kid" again. I think that's it for now. Granny (my mom) is on her way to Virginia right now. In fact, her plane may have already landed as we speak. Uncle Kolbey picking her up from the airport. It will be great to have her visit for a few weeks. Got to get back to work but I'm sure we'll have more updates soon. Rachel

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