Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Today was a mostly good day

Today was a mostly good day.Charlotte and I went to her OT appointment at Children's Hospital (West End) where I was not allowed to follow the princess into the back. So I sat in the lobby and read/played on the iPhone. When they came out, Lauren told me that CJ had worked very hard and they haad worked a little on strengthening that left side as well as using both hands together.Afterwards, we went to Costco and had our traditional Daddy/daughter meal of "pizza and ice cream." Charlotte was beyond adorable. There were lot's of older people eating and they all just fell in love with her. Her lack of shyness didn't hurt. And everyone keeps commenting on her eyes!We ran some other errands and I left multiple messages at the hemonc clinic to try and get a concrete time for our appointment tomorrow. It took all day but finally Nurse April called (love her!) and told us to be there around 9. I'll probably be there quite a bit earlier than that.Tomorrow starts her new chemo drug Velcade. It's nasty and has lots of side effects normally but I believe it's still low dose (I could be wrong) It will be the only chemo drug administered via an IV and we'll go in twice a week for two weeks before switching back to one of the others.Here are some cheery details: http://www.chemocare.com/bio/velcade.aspThis afternoon, after working at Romp n' Roll, Rachel went with Kobey to his own dr. evaluation thingy and when she got back, she discovered she had a fever. So I shooed her off to bed and I didn't work much on RNR stuff.The good part was that Charlotte and I watched movies and read books together.Rachel, seems to be feeling a little better if it weren't for that darned cough that keeps hanging on to both of us.Here's a new musical thing I've been following. Doug Bickel is one of the most amazing musicians I've ever met and he has linked a ton of videos to his Facebook site. Just search for "Doug Bickel' and you'll find him. He's the jazz keyboard professor at U of Miami and his insights into the tunes are very enlightening.Son of Epic (part 2) is on its way.

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