Monday, February 23, 2009

Charlotte's busy day

Did you miss us?Sorry for the delay in any kind of update. It was very good to have Roger home again. We both have had busy but less than satisfying days. Just very little time in which to get very much done. The spring session at Romp n' Roll is fast approaching and we have much to do to get ready. Unfortunately, Roger hit quite the snag in his plans. Charlotte's OT appointment went very well today but she started complaining that her chest was hurting. Her line looked a little red so Roger finally got her in to see the pediatrician (apparently that flu bug going around has all the Peds very busy!). They were concerned that there was what looked to be the beginnings of a small infection so they prescribed another antibiotic and sent Roger home to change the dressing (again). I think it prefers honey mustard to ranch.Bad joke rachel...Anyway...thank goodness for the grandparents being here to help while Roger and I got things done at RnR. Looks like Aunt B. will be coming back in a little more than a week (YAY!) and will be able to stay almost 10 days. Then it won't be long before Granny (my mom) comes to visit. In the meantime, I know we have a few days where we might need some assistance but I have to check with Roger on the times. Be on the lookout in the next day or so for the "Care Calendar" to have a few updates. Many have asked about our food/freezer needs. Right now, we have stayed well fed thanks to Juanita Bonita's home cooking. I just want to take a moment to say what a domestic goddess she is! She makes fabulous food (and almost always from "scratch") and has always been ready with "take away" meals for me or Roger before we go to work for the day. She also has kept the house very clean (which we always proceed to "undo" in the course of minutes...) and the laundry updated. We have also used a few of the meals in the freezer. There are more there but the freezer is about "half"(?) full. (I'm guessing). Anyway, what I'm trying to say is while we are not in desperate need, if the Spirit moves you to make a dish to place in our freezer, we won't refuse it. :-)Charlotte's motor skills just continue to improve. She motored around the house tonight and asked to help as I cleaned the fish tank. Abby Cadabby keeps swimming away and seems pretty happy even though the NH3 levels keep reading at "caution" (which is just a step above "healthy" so I guess it's ok). I've changed the water 25-30% almost every day and used the ammonia drops. She seems happy and active so I guess we're ok. Charlotte helped me put clean gravel/marbles in the bottom of the tank and laughed at Abby's antics. She is also using her left hand much more. We had a good time singing a version of "Where is Thumbkin" and trying to make those fingers move. Plus, she has given numerous "high fives" with her left hand. That is something she couldn't even attempt a week ago so that is major progress!She is now enjoying the Scholastic Storybook DVDs sent by Granny. It's a collection of over 100 classic stories (Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Curious George, Strega Nona, etc.) animated in short vignettes with music. Very "Reading Rainbow" style. She loves them! Keeps her entertained as she winds down for the night and lets me type an update. And did I mention that it's NOT DORA. Don't get me wrong, Dora is just fine and I know it's one of her favorites. And I love all the Dora "goodies" that have come her way...but a little goes a VERY long way as far as I'm concerned and if I hear "Where are we going (clap clap clap)?" one more time tonight I'm going to tell Dora to "Vamonos"!Speaking of Vamonos, I will sign off for tonight. Very tired and got another long day tomorrow.Rachel

Just one PS...1. I'm still working on thank you's for all the gifts, food, etc. that we have received. Please know if you have supplied us with SOMETHING in the last month, your gift has been received gratefully. I swear those "personal" notes will go out soon enough...2. A special THANKS to those who have contributed to Caring Bridge in the "Tributes" section of this webpage as well as to our Care Calendar. These tools are an amazing miracle for us (in so many ways) and I am grateful to the person/people who created them as well as those who keep it going.OK. I'm done...I swear...

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