Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Charlotte's PT

It's Wednesday.
It's Bidnesstime...(silly TV reference that has nothing to do with anything other than it's Wednesday.)
Reason #42 Why I Love CiCi's Pizza in Hanover:
They are now participating in a Hanover County Schools program in which students with special needs come in with an assistant and are given "jobs" like bussing tables, greeting customers, etc... This gives them confidence, social interaction, and real job skills they can use in the future. Kudos to everyone involved with that.
Paired with our partnership with them at Romp n' Roll and the generosity they have shown to us during Charlotte's "tumor adventure," I'm convinced they need to have a lifetime membership of some kind cause I'd sign up in a heartbeat!
I need help (insert joke here). I was told by an RNR customer of a Caringbridge site for a guy named Jacob but I have since lost the paper I used to jot it down. The dad is now staying at home full time to take care of him. Anyone reading this have the slightest idea what I'm talking about? Please let me know if you do.
Gotta go work on Rompy's Band!

Charlotte is sleeping after a very productive morning.
We went for PT and OT at the Children's Hosptial West End location. She did well working with Ms. Lauren and Ms. Aileen with very little whines or fussing. She is doing SO much better walking on her own. We are practicing standing on one foot, standing up and sitting down, and walking (including walking up and down stairs). Her shining star moment today was when Ms. Aileen brought out the pink princess tricycle for Charlotte to ride. Without ANY prompting, Charlotte stood up from her chair and walked about 3-5 feet just to get to that trike! Then she worked on riding the tricycle up and down the hall. Superstar! Grandpa and I were most impressed.
We capped off the morning with a visit to Costco for our famous traditional lunch of pizza and ice cream (frozen yogurt). She fell asleep on the way home.
Our therapy schedule is (mostly) set for the next two weeks. We are aiming for Monday and Thursday mornings which works very well with our RnR schedule. This should take us up till the time that chemo will start.
We do have a need for some child care help on the next 2 Tuesday mornings from about 8:30-12:30. Roger and I both need to work so we just need someone to come to the house and be with her. Other kids can come as long as they are healthy. We have posted this on the CareCalendar so if you can help, please go there and sign up. (First come, first serve) There is a link to the CareCalendar including login information on the LINKS page of our Caring Bridge site. We may post more information soon as we have needs...
I must sign off and try to be productive...
AWWWW moment of the week
Overheard at dinner:
"Mommy, when I grow up I want to be a mommy just like you."
Sniff sniff! She's a doll.

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