Saturday, February 14, 2009

Yea for Flax!

All praise flax meal!!! (another Poopaliscious Production)She like to move it, move it! She had a movement, movement! A major unassisted filling of the diaper. A serious mountain of crap. Actually, I believe the flax meal we've been lacing into everything we can think of finally did its magic so I guess it wasn't totally unassisted. I DON'T CARE!!!!!We have been having a very positive day with multiple walks from the couch to the sliding glass door and back and to the red chair by her little table and back. Minimal whining and I'll bet that helped with the "movement, movement!". I was happier about this poop than I was after the first enema in the hospital. Mostly because it was NOT in the hospital and it was NOT induced. In fact, I was so happy, we shared a brownie afterward. (That sounds really twisted, doesn't it?)We sort of watched Madagascar (one), being interrupted by phone calls, visitors (all welcome interruptions), and daddy's home grown PT school (not as welcome).We also had a good lunch with her sitting up pretty well at the table in her "camping chair" which has a good buckle system.Her morning workout, full meal, and Bryden's (a friend from "Montessori House") and her dad's (Jim), visit helped wear her out so she's sleeping now. Gotta go flush her lines in a bit. We're turning into quite the little medical team, as I'm sure many, many family members of those recuperating from illness can tell you. Makes me understand a little further my family's experience with my aunt Debbie (kidney failure) and grandfather (emphysema). There was a dialysis machine in our family room and my Grandma Jenny was quite the wiz with the necessary accompanying procedures.By the way...Happy Birthday Gramses and Lynn T.!Hope you're having a great Birthday Weekend. Remember, Mom celebrated for at least a week! :-)

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