Sunday, February 22, 2009

With our church family again

Just a note from Aberdeen where I'm directing the All County High School Jazz Choir. These students are amazing and have worked so hard. They are better than most college groups I've seen. I've had very little to do with it. They do all the work and I come in and wave my arms a bit.
Also, Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet performed at Radio From Downtown last night and it was by far our best overall gig as a group. One of the cool things is that Van Williamson, head honcho of the show, mentioned CJ at the end during the thank yous. I certainly didn't ask him to do it.
Running out of battery...

A not so lazy Sunday...Charlotte and I went to church this morning and we were greeted with such a welcoming committee! We went in just as Sunday School was ending and Charlotte got to see so many of her friends. Lots of smiles all around. She hung out in the nursery during the first part of service and did very well without Mom. Then she came up for communion and the whole church just beamed with smiles as they saw her. She was surrounded by well-wishers after the service and she greeted them with smiles in return. Thanks to our SJTL family for everything you have done for us! The pastor's sermon today was on "miracles all around us" and he actually stopped before the end of communion to comment on Charlotte's presence and what a testament it is to those Miraculous Moments in our lives. I couldn't agree more!We then had a wonderful lunch at Applebees (thanks Grandpa and Bonita) and then we were off to RnR to do some "work". Grandpa installed a new box to store the hockey equipment in the back. Charlotte did some art projects and explored the gym. She is really getting around independently! Then we returned home for a "break" of some TV but she also wanted to pull out her lap desk and make some pictures. She has been drawing and cutting paper all evening. Just as she was starting to get grumpy and uncomfortable, we were greeted with a very sweet surprise: The St. James the Less Middle School Youth Group stopped by and FILLED our kitchen with songs, laughter, and lots of Dora-themed and girl-themed goodies for Charlotte. Such blessings! She laughed and smiled and we enjoyed reading all the handmade cards afterward. Now Daddy is home (finally!) so I will sign off.

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