Thursday, February 19, 2009

More PT/OT

The newborn analogy keeps coming back but it's like she's developing at an accelerated pace.Last night, Charlotte didn't want to go to bed but we knew she had an 8:00am therapy appointment so she HAD to go to bed at a decent time. The drama was intense and very typical. She screamed and cried saying she wanted to watch something, she wasn' tired, she wanted to get out of bed...yadda yadda yadda. She tried the "My head hurts" gambit but we countered with a well timed dosage of Tylenol so her argument was nullified. (sounds like results of a debate team competition)So anyway, she huffed and puffed and made us both go away so she could scream in private and low and behold, she drifted off to sleep.She got up fine this morning and walked to the door (after walking into my arms for a big hug) to go to her therapy session.People keep asking us if we'll ever have another baby. It seems we already have. The same one twice.Note to Devon: Her Sarah Lawrence sweatshirt you gave her is now her outerwear of choice (demand) whenever she goes anywhere. Kind of a lovie you can wear.IDEA!!! I would like to make the hair-loss thing a little more "fun" for Charlotte so I was thinking we could have a party where some brave volunteers come forward to have their heads shaved. We could even do some kind of contest where the winner gets (now THIS is funny) a free haircut. I'll bet the haircut place a couple doors down would get involved. This wouldn't be until after she loses her hair...maybe the end of March? April. All depends on how CJ feels.Anyone wanna spearhead something like that?Gotta go do RNR2Go at Primrose

We had an early morning, as Roger mentioned, but she didn't fight getting up too badly. Her therapy session went well and she worked HARD. They are having trouble scheduling our PT and OT together since they are trying to get us in as much as possible on very short notice, but her PT had a last minute cancellation at 8 AM this morning so the OT and PT co-treated! Gotta love the interdisciplinary model!
They had her working on her hands and knees on a puzzle (requires extra balance and strength), working over a bolster, standing and sitting on a platform swing, walking, and (of course..her favorite) riding that trike. She also worked on using that left hand. We had to seriously hold down the right but she did it with only a few tears and whines.
She had a somewhat relaxing morning after that with some movies but we got up and walked before and after lunch.
When Roger got home, we changed her dressing on her central line. She didn't like that much but a necessary evil, I guess. After that, I left them to their devices and scuttled off to work. (Shhh...don't tell my boss I'm writing this while on the clock!).
She has a speech eval this afternoon and then we go see Dr. Tye at MCV tomorrow for a follow up.
I love the "Easter Egg" idea someone proposed about shaving heads and losing hair. I'm still not sure if I'm up for that but I know we've already had a few people volunteer their scalps! I guess my child who never really liked having her hair combed let alone having it "styled" with barettes or bows will somehow get a reprieve from the hair routine...gonna miss those curly curls, though!
Gotta go get some work done. It's quiet in Open Gym right now but we're hoping our Parent's Seminar tonight at 5:30 will be busy (Kid's Health and Obesity...come on out!)

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