Friday, February 13, 2009


Oh, Home Sweet Home...
It was so good (in so many ways) to be home last night. We got settled fairly easily, thanks in part to Auntie Retta delivering the bedrail and unloading the car. She had a small dinner (after she had already eaten at the hospital) and then watched some TV in the comfort of her own couch. There were lots of laughs and giggles all around.
She fell asleep around 8:30 PM and slept till around 4 AM. Woke up asking for some pain medicine and was then up for a little while (Thanks, Rog!). Still sleeping at 8:30. Hooray for no "beeps" or early morning docs in our rooms!
We are looking forward to a day of some rest, some walking/hand movement practice, and maybe some visits.
Thanks to everyone who has showed interest in the bracelets. I think you are keeping Melissa busy! We will be looking into a PayPal option as well that would go directly into Charlotte's account. Stay tuned!
No updates on the Care Calendar yet but I need to look at the upcoming week's schedule and see what our needs will be. Grandpa and Juanita Bonita will be here Monday so that will help a bunch.
We are happy to receive visitors (especially kids!) as long as we are home. You can call to check before you come (just to make sure we didn't decide to run out somewhere). Roger is working most of today, I'm working most of tomorrow, but CJ is HERE!
See y'all soon,
Roger's thanks:

Very quick note between classes.
I'm typing this on my very cool super duper schmooper new laptop given to us by Aunt Jamie Jamie Tamm Tamm the name so good good you gotta say it twice twice and her coworkers down in Daytona Beach! Thanks guys! The Eee PC will go to the Child Life dept. at MCV for use by another family. Thanks Murphys!
The big wad of bracekets I brought to the store this morning are almost gone already! Thank you all for your enthusiasm. Melissa has no idea the monster she has unleashed! We'll take it.
Time for Rhythm n' Roll! Wish me luck! :-)

Adjusting to homelife again

A busy but still relatively quiet day.
She slept in until after 9 AM (woo hoo!), had some breakfast, and then we watched the first Madagascar movie. She had never seen it before (just the sequel) and she laughed a LOT. Great to see her so happy. We did try to walk two times and she was not too happy with that. Did it very begrudgingly. She also sat at her new lapdesk (thanks Farmer family!) and did some drawing with markers and decorated a princess paper doll with stickers. Busy Day!
Then we had lunch...a wonderful meal from our freezer from the Quinley family. After that it was definitely time for a nap and she has been resting peacefully.
I have spent the morning "settling in" and unpacking some of her stuff. The wheelchair has been delivered although it is not the one that we will be using on a more permanent basis. They didn't have the right one for her in stock so brought us this one temporarily. Her home health supplies also arrived today. We are not sure right now whether we will need a ramp. We are in the process of completing the paperwork for the county right now (we need a permit) and have offers from two people for ramps so we will try to get back to you soon. Fortunately, she is still small and relatively light so if we need to carry her in from the car, it's not such a big deal.
Other good news: her need for pain medication has definitely lessened. I have been trying to forestall the pain medication whenever possible and distractions and other entertainment do seem to help. She has just had a dose of regular tylenol about every 8 hours. Yay!
Time Magazine came today and what was on the cover? How Faith Can interesting and timely. Can't wait to read it.
More updates to come. I think Charlotte is waking up.

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