Saturday, February 28, 2009

Getting the head shaving party started

Thanks to those of you who commiserated with our insurance woes. I think our friend George said it best: "If our insurance industry would stop spending a large fraction of our premiums figuring out how not to provide coverage, we'd not have these problems."
AMEN, George! If I get up the energy and this continues to enrage me as it does, I can guarantee that I will be contacting my legislators to tell my story.
As I left for work this morning, Charlotte was all about Daddy! She woke up with a poopie diaper and only daddy could fix it (I was really sad about that, let me tell you). She is hopefully going to stop by a Romp n' Roll birthday party this afternoon for one of her friends and one of our best customers! It will be her first experience in a "structured" time at RnR. We'll see how it goes.
Roger was an exceptional parent last night. She has decided that she doesn't like the taste of her antibiotic. They tried to flavor it but this is one of those where the flavoring doesn't really work. She has been fighting taking it for the last few days. Anyway, Daddy's great idea last night was to fill another syringe with milk (the medicine is thick and white) and he took the "medicine" right alongside Charlotte. Genius! He also stayed up with her (she had a long early evening nap so she was up late) so I could get some sleep so THANKS, Rog!
Thanks for all the ideas about what to do regarding Charlotte's hair loss. We have been thinking about a few ideas. Definitely going to try to do something with the head shaving idea but no concrete plans yet. Also, someone came up with what I think is a GREAT idea for Charlotte once she starts to lose her hair. We are going to plan a hat/scarf shower for her, possibly after this first round of chemotherapy. I think it will be a fun dress up tea party for some of her friends and we'll probably have it at Romp n' Roll. Of course, adults will be welcome but I think this might be a fun way to get some of the kids involved as well. The purpose will be to "shower" her with fun and creative hats, scarves, and other headwear that she can use once she loses those curly locks. We'll see how that goes since she's never really been a "hat" kid. That may change once she doesn't have any hair to keep her head warm! We'll let you know when we set a date.
I'm off to teach classes and run some birthday parties. Don't forget that Spring session starts March 9th at Romp n' Roll! (That was my shameless commercial plug) Enjoy the weekend.

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