Saturday, February 21, 2009

Juggling work and Charlotte's care

I had to laugh at the many people who were surprised that I didn't go to the speech eval. For the most part, it was a logistics issue (I was scheduled to work and Roger hadn't taken her to any therapy appointments yet...we like to share). But I think I might have been an annoying SLP at the eval so it's probably better that Roger went. While he does know most of the "lingo" (He's a good little SLP Assistant!) he can "play" unbiased better than I can.Kind of a rough night. She hadn't pooped in over 2 days so I figured she would be uncomfortable. She had a great time while I was gone. As we settled down for bed she was full of lots of aches and pains (head hurts, leg hurts, I'm cold, I'm hot). Since Roger was away, I just felt it would be better if she slept with me. (hope I don't create a nightmare) She finally settled down a little after 11 but then woke at 4 AM pooping. After a change and more medicine, she finally fell asleep again around 5. I'm off to RnR for a full day of classes, birthday parties, and maybe some paperwork...Extra thoughts and prayers go out to my friend Emily. She's going through some medical stuff so say a little prayer for her and her family! HUGS!Gotta run...Rachel

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