Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's date

I know you're all just dying to know...The date was a very nice night out. Of course, mostly all we did was talk about Charlotte!We were going to get dinner and then a movie but then the evening got a little later than we expected so we decided against the movie and went to find somewhere without an hour wait on Valentines (Don't try that at Texas Roadhouse!)We finally settled in at Ruby Tuesday's in VCC which is one of our preferred places. Can't beat the turkey bella burger.Charlotte was cared for (and I do mean cared for) by Auntie 'Retta who, as usual, showered her with love and positive energy all night.CJ was uncomfortable a good part of the evening and was still awake when got back after 11:00pm. Both Rachel and I sat with her and the 3-hour nap she got yesterday, coupled with the pain kept us up until about 1:10am. We were up watching Diego, we read books, we ate, toast and butter (real butter! Mmmm...). Finally I just said, "Charlotte, as soon as you eat this last piece of toast, you HAVE to go to sleep." She said, "OK." and was out in about a minute.Busy day for me today. I'm starting off a 10am Birthday Bash, heading up to Ladysmith for a special Pirate Party for Ladysmith Village at 1:00, and then continuing northward to Woodbridge for an Uptown rehearsal. This week is huge so Dad and Juanita are coming back up to lend extra hands. I believe there's a new case for the foam rubber hockey sticks in RNR's future. Thanks Dad.Well,Here's to Charlotte and Rachel sleeping in. Both very good things.By the way, CJ ended up having four small walks yesterday. Good work, girl!
Rachel here:

My Turn...I just want to add my 2-cents and wax a little poetic about my family.We did have a lovely evening last night. It was so good to just talk with Roger about all the different feelings that keep "popping" up as we think about what has happened and what will/might happen in the journey ahead. Through all of this I continue to feel incredibly blessed. I know that may sound strange and ironic to some given what we have been through, but I'm just not programmed to think any differently. When Roger says "we" were up with Charlotte last night, it really was just him. I was falling asleep at her bedside (which actually amused her to no end when I bonked my chin on the bedrail) and Roger gave me the a-ok to hightail it to sleep. Then he was up-and-at-'em and out the door by 7:15. You know, he may not be perfect and I have sometimes complained about his faults (I mean, really, it's GOT to be better to do things MY way...) but I really couldn't ask for a better husband! He's a keeper.An update on the bracelets: I think based on "pre-orders", we are already sold out of the first batch. Melissa will be sending some out soon. Annette is creating a web-page link so we can do online orders through paypal as well (if anyone wants to use that option). This is all "coming soon" and we will send out an update when it is official. We will be putting in a new order for bracelets soon so if you haven't received yours yet, you will in due time. If I haven't mentioned it yet, special thanks to the Virginia Music Therapy Association and the Harmony Fund for the "seed money" for the bracelets. I will sign off as the lil' princess will probably be awake soon.Rachel

Pancakes for Charlotte

Another busy day! She slept in until after 10! Then she wanted pancakes for breakfast and, of course, mama didn't have any instant pancakes in the freezer. And waffles just wouldn't do. SOOOOO, I made homemade pancakes for Charlotte (the things I do these days...). Of course, I laced them with flax meal while she ate her applesauce laced with flax oil. I finally gave her a shower today. She screamed the whole time but I think she did feel better afterward and her hair looks much better.Around 1 PM, Anja and her mom Meredith came by. They are friends from Charlotte's Preschool (Hanover Montessori). Charlotte and Anja had a wonderful playdate while Meredith organized the pantry and helped hang lots of Charlotte's get well cards in the dining room (did I mention she's a designer??). Charlotte and Anja played dress-up, read stories, colored, watched Dora and laughed, laughed, laughed. It was wonderful. During the course of the day, we have also had two more "unassisted" poops. Praise be FLAX!Now dinner is cooking (thanks Hansen family) and we are settling in for a quiet evening. Roger has been working all day at RNR and a rehearsal in Northern VA. Busy guy!Gotta go check on my cookie monster...(she keeps asking for more of those great Plank Family cookies and gosh darn it, I keep giving them to her. So much for not spoiling her appetite for a healthy dinner!)Rachel

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