Saturday, February 7, 2009

Watching Dora

Another long post lost to the etherworld...Not sure what happened. Let's try it again.
The most important event of the day: It's Peter Gabriel's birthday! "All the monkeys in the zoo wish you Happy Birthday too. Happy Birthday to you!"
Kind of a dicey night for both of us. For CJ because of head pain and rough diaper changes and for Daddy because a customer delivered a package of chocolate macadamia nut cookies to Romp n' Roll and he just HAD to eat almost half the package and now his tummy is rebelling. My own damn fault.
Cj and I are viewing what promises to be the first of many viewings of Dora's Christmas. I reiterate what Rachel said: The things we do for our kids!
As for the ramp...Barclay, if someone could see if the ramp is available, we could keep that on standby until we have a better idea of the demads of our situation. Then we could use it temporarily until the permanent ramp could be built.
It would be an honor to have the permanent ramp built by the drama shop.. Having scampered around on many sets built by the R-MC crew, I know the ramp would be sturdy. James, I know it won't feel complete unless you can put castors on it but I'm hoping you can make that sacrafice. Maybe we can hide a trapdoor smewhere! :-)
Here's the broken record again...The support we've received from all over, but especially from the Randolph-Macon College community has mind blowing. It will take us a lifetime to pay it back/forward but I guess that's how it ought to be, eh?
Gotta go stop Swiper...

Yea Aunt Phyllis!

A good night's sleep in my bed-sweet-bed and now I'm off to Romp n' Roll for a full day of fun. After being away for three days, the house looks FABULOUS (thanks, Phyllis) and we are working on creative ways to redo the dining room to allow for CJ's new space. I think it will all work out nicely.Thanks for all the RMC offers for a ramp of some type. I think we may be taking you up on that.She had a pretty good evening before I left. The head pain is still fairly constant but when she is well distracted, it's minimal. We still don't know what is causing her head to hurt as the CT scan shows nothing that should be causing pain, but I also wonder if her belly pain just radiates up to her head...or if her general discomfort has turned into "my head hurts" and that is her new phrase for "I'm in pain....get me outta here!". Aunt Phyllis did get some pretty major laughs out of her before we left so that was good.More news later...same bat time, same bat station.Rachel

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